Thursday, November 29, 2007

peaNUTS about Christmas

So, I am just crazy about Peanuts. I have collected a lot of vintage peanuts items over the years and used to have them in Austin's room. Here is the bulletin board I made at work. I put little numbers on snoopy's house and I can pull one off each day. I didn't know what words to put and Aaron came up with the peaNUTS about Christmas. Cute idea-so I used it. So when I saw the figures in CVS yesterday I had a fit! But I left the store without buying them. I went grocery shopping and then couldn't stand it and went back to buy the peanuts!
Here are some pictures of my kitchen at work. I set up an area with hot chocolate, cider, flavored coffee and some candy for the teachers.

This is the stock room and I keep it very organized. Here is where the teachers can eat and hang out with me. I am the kitchen manager. I handle all aspects of the kitchen and I am in charge of all the staff-which is me! I am the sole employee in the kitchen! LOL! I like it that way because I am very picky about how my kitchen is run and very strict on food temperatures and sanitation. At my previous job I had a staff of 12. I prefer it better this way!

I do get lonely sometimes as my kitchen is in the back of the building,but I leave and hang out with the kids a lot too.
It is a great job and I thank God everyday that I have an easy and good paying job!


Sharon said...

Wow! You do run a tight ship! It sounds like you have a really neat job!

Your peanuts charecters are so fun and so cute! You are very creative!

:0) Sharon

nannykim said...

How is your health--biopsy stuff going?