Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Favorite Ornaments

The tree is done and the presents are beginning to pile up! I wanted to share some of my favorite ornaments with you. I got this ornament for Billy when he was 7. He was so much into music and he always had headphones on. When I found this I knew it would be perfect for him. It has two tapes that you can change and they each play a Christmas song. Last year the batteries finally died and it does not play anymore. Every year Billy searches for this one on the tree.

This is an ornament that my dad made for me when I was real little. I was always a math whiz and was so proud when I started taking algebra. He made this little chalkboard and even made a 3d apple on it. This will always be my favorite.
A few years ago I started a collection of vintage Christmas ornaments. My sister and I would buy them at yard sales real cheap and then resell them on ebay. I always kept my favorites. So, someone gave me a free box of old ornaments and these little books were in there. They have several pages of Christmas songs in each one. I just thought these were real interesting. They came with a hanger but I do not know if they were originally ornaments or if someone made them to be.

Below is a macrame tree that I made when I was very little. I remember my sister and I would spend hours on the porch making macrame pot hangers. This is a wall tree I have. It is flat on the back and you just hang it on a wall. This year I have the vintage silk strung balls and these little vintage pixies on it. I have this in my den. (sorry I didn't flip the pic)
Thanks for looking at some of my special ornaments and I will share some more soon.


nannykim said...

Those little pixies are so cute! The sheet music stuff is interesting ;-)

Kimmie said...

Hi Sondra;

I was thinking about you last night as my husband wrapped our Christmas lights on our concolor fir tree...I am sure it isn't as 'full' as yours...but 400 lights is a good start right?

Love your ornaments...this year we are going with lights and we have a 13 week old kitten who thinks the tree is to CLIMB!

praying for you my friend!
mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted