Sunday, October 23, 2011

Craft Fair

Hey mom and dad. Here are a few pics for you, starting with the ring and then some stuff from the craft fair.

If you click the link above you can see what the ring Austin bought Felicia looks like. Here it is on her finger.

Hey mom and dad. Just wanted to share a few pictures of the stuff Sandy and Felicia made for the craft fair. There was a lot more stuff but this is just a little taste. Her is a fall leaf wreath.

Here is a painting.
And a Snowman wreath.
Felicia painted these butterflies.
And a teacher wreath with a real eraser, and real pencils and a sharpener.
Just a few of the hairbows she made.
A deer painting with glitter.
a fall basket

a spring wreath with little garden tools and even a pack of seeds. I love this one.
more paintings
Owls made from felt and styrofoam balls
Halloween picture frames
Cute spiders

Lady bug pins and earrings

Sandy setting up her table.

Ghost and spider topiary's
I can't load any more pics cuz they are on aaron's computer :) But we had a great time and she made about 60 dollars so she was happy.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sandy's Sweet 16 Birthday Party

Hey, mom and dad. I had to get Sara to put the pics on here and I am having a hard time moving them in order. So I will just write under each one. Here is Sandy opening her gifts. She got over $200 and picture frames, candles and she got a nice hardback book of 1001 cupcakes. I think I deleted that picture on accident. Oops!

She was very surprised by the gift Aaron got her.

Aaron, Sandy and me. We were all very hot and tired.

Sandy and her mom.

Zack with icing on his nose.
Aaron, Randy and Jon.
All the girls were dressed up so pretty. They all had the prettiest jewelry and cool shoes. And Macy (kim's sister) wore tennis shoes!

Some of the girls.
About to blow out the candles.

Happy Birthday.
I caught this shot of Austin and Felicia holding hands :)
Hanging out. I see Aaron is next to the food.
Carrying the cake. It was so heavy.

Sandy and Cheyenne.
Hanging out.
The adults made their own place to sit.

I saw Felicia sitting all by herself and told her to make a lonely sad face.
Lynn and Zack and her niece.

The candle holders.

Close up of some of the cake design.

Yellow cups!

Austin's shoes.
The three "rednecks" with flip flops. Me, mimi and Alyssa.
Sandy and Mimi

Aaron and Mimi
Decorating. She was decorating up until the last minute.
Aaron and Sandy with Lynn and her family.
Zack and his best buddy, Aaron
She even made fancy signs for the food.

Austin and Felicia

Just about ready to start the party.
Aaron and Sandy
The candy bar.
She made pretty labels for all the jars. All the candy was black, white or yellow.

Austin and Felicia again!
The cake without the topper.
The cupcakes. See, they make the number 16 in yellow.
Ballo0ns that Austin hung.

Sandy made these cute paper cones for everyone to put the candy in.

She made this box for cards.

Her flowers.
Some of the tables.
The battery in Sara's camera died and I didn't get any pictures at night when the lights were all on but I did get a few with my phone. But it was all very pretty.

I also didn't get any pics of Sara cooking or the food but everyone LOVED it! We all worked very hard but it was worth it. Sandy was very happy!