Sunday, September 28, 2008


Bond was set on Friday for Holly. The judge set her bond at $100,000 and upon her release she will be required to be on house arrest and wear a gps ankle bracelet. This is not the news we wanted to hear. Around here we have seen much higher bonds for less offenses. Holly has changed her story many times. She first said she was drinking and someone unknown to her was driving the car. Then she said she was driving and fell asleep. They do know that she left the bar at 5:30 am. They do have her bar tab. But she was pulled over later that afternoon so her level of alcohol would have been down by then. The bar she was at was no where near her home or near where Bill and Ruth were walking. This is going to be a long, tiring process.
You can click HERE to see the clip from the bond hearing.
I really do not want to bore anyone with the rehashing of this story over and over. But as my blog title says- this is part of our REAL HONEST LIFE. We are dealing in the best way we know how. We are still going about our day to day life and I will continue to blog about it as well. It is just so hard when all of this gets muddled together. I know we all have a huge mix of good and bad, but this has just been so tragic........

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Ok ya'll. The new post I just did got put below the old one. Must have been because it was saved as a draft on a different date???? I have no idea. Please scroll down to see my treasures.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Words can not express the gratitude I feel to all of you who have kept us in your thoughts and prayers. Your comments are all so touching. It is hard to believe that over a week has passed since this tradgedy has changed our lives. The boys each have their own individual way of dealing with their grief. All I can do is be supportive and understanding. The hardest part is yet to come for them. I know that each time Aaron watches a Clemson game he will miss the companion of his grandfather watching it with him. I know Austin will miss the long walks and playing games with his grandmother. Wesley has had a difficult time in that he is feeling that he took his grandparents for granted and did not spend as much time with them as he should have. I try to tell him that all teenagers are like that and that they understood. Billy is dealing with great anger. He can not understand why God would take such wonderful people in such a horrible way. He is angry at the girl who did this. This will all take time for him.
Billy (my ex), and his 2 sisters are all having a difficult time too.
The girl that hit them is being held without bond right now. She hit a car first and then them but is saying that she only thought she hit a curb. The media is portraying her as a single mom trying to work two jobs to support her kids, but we all do not feel that. It was 7 am on a Tuesday and she was apparantly going home from a bar. Seems to us that she should have been at home getting her kids ready for school.
Anyway- the pain and hurt is still to fresh to elaborate on all the details. Thank you all again for being so kind and thoughtful :)


Austin and I took off to the Goodwill Clearance center a few weeks ago. I usually do not shop at the clearance center because it is just a bunch of junk. I know Sharon likes to go to hers so I figured I would give it another try. Everything is .99 cents per pound so we made out real good. Here are some of our finds.
This very tall wooden Santa. I think there is supposed to be a Mrs. Santa too, but- oh well.

These nearly brand new candle holders that look like Christmas balls. I have always wanted some of these so I was very excited to find them.
A great pocket book for Christmas.
Some of you saw my silver collection last Christmas. I now have this silver jewlery box too.

And I found these two silver goblets. The bottom said made in Italy so I fiqured they would polish up. See how tarnished they were.Now look. I can see my self with the camera.

I found a vintage pocket book. The picture does not do it justice! I love old purses.
And I got this pocket book for me to carry. Everyone has just loved it and keeps asking where I bought it. LOL!

Then I found these Norman Rockwell coffee mugs! Aren't they faboulous?

We also went to Safe Harbor. It is a local thrift store that donates all proceeds to battered women. I found these unusual vintage cups. This is the box.
This is the cup. It is a glass cup inside a plastic holder. It is two pieces and you just snap them apart. Isn't that unique?

Austin and I had a really great time. We were digging in all the bins and cracking up at some of the stuff. When I had picked up the silver goblet he found this huge wicker wall fan. I told him to fan me while I drank out of my silver goblet. We were just cracking up and people must have thought we were crazy. We had such a fun time together. I could not get any pictures during our outing, since my new camera is broken. I have to use my camcorder and that is not easy to lug around! Thanks for looking at all my treasures.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


It is with a heavy heart that I take a brief minute to type these terrible, horrific words. Yesterday morning Bill and Ruth, my boys' grandparents were out taking their morning walk. They walked the same route in their small neighborhood everyday, but yesterday would be their last. They were hit and killed. The car left the scene. There are three children and six grandchildren and many, many friends left behind to grieve this unexpected tragedy. My boys are all having an extremely difficult time. Please keep us in your thoughts and I will keep everyone posted on the latest information. It really does help to talk about it. Thank you all for being there for me.
Please click here to see a wonderful touching video story that one of the local station did.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Here is a cool link that Jenny sent me. You can find out what the number one song was on the day you were born. Click Here Do you hear mine playing? Sugar, Sugar! I love it. All the boys have checked out theirs too. Have fun!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


So, my company took us all to the beach. They paid for everything. They took us out to eat every night and they gave us 500 dollars each to spend. You could not work for anyone better than this couple. That is the owners in the front. In the back are us 3 office girls and two of the car salesmen. The other guy could not make the trip.We rented this huge 8 bedroom 9 bath house. It was so beautiful inside.

This is the back of the house. The walkway let right to the beach. Sandy and I stayed in the center room up top. The very top of the house was a mini house in itself with a kitchen and living area too.
Here is the living area and one of the huge eating tables. The kitchen was fabulous but I did not get any pictures.
Here is Sandy in the hot tub.
Hanging out, rocking on the porch.
View from the porch


Mr. Crab. Sandy was teasing him with his green mountain dew bottle. The crab was just fighting with him like mad. It was so cute. We stayed for 4 days and had a wonderful time. Of course there was much work to get caught up on when we returned to the car lot. I can't wait till next years trip.

Friday, September 12, 2008


It is time for show and tell over at Kelli's place. This is one of my favorite things about blogging and I am so happy the Kelli hosts this each week. Today I am letting my two youngest boys show off something. Their grandfather (on my ex husbands side) has a box of treasures that he has decided to give up. Each time the kids go for a visit he lets them pick something out. This is what Austin picked. See- it is a tiny little leather case. Open it up...... Inside is this......

It is a tiny brass (I think it is brass) magnifying glass. Cool- huh? This is what Aaron picked. It is a key chain. It has a bowling pin and ball..... Open it up.....
It is a pocket knife. Pretty neat huh? I have never seen either one of these. I think they made out with these special treasures. Next week I will let them show something from the other grandparents.
Thanks for stopping by and I will visit each show and tell this evening. :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


It is so great to be back to the world of blog! I have missed everyone so much. I have tried to sneak in a minute or two online at work to read some of ya'lls posts. I will be around tonight to catch up on everyone. Due to some minor financial setbacks out Internet and cable has been cut off for a while. So what do you do with a house full of kids and no cable or computer? Well, we popped some old school popcorn. It tells you not to pop this on a glass top stove but we did anyway. We had no mishaps :)We played some old school games too. This one is called "Rich Farmer, Poor Farmer". It is kind of like monopoly.We started putting together a puzzle. It is the history of chocolate. Yum!Some of the kids were kinda like - ugh- a puzzle? But you see they all got in on the fun, even Wes. We have had a great time but it is good to back online and with school starting the kids need the Internet. Funny thing is- Charter gave me a cheaper price since I am a "new" customer now. Strange. I was also so excited to receive this wonderful package from Sharon
I entered a drawing over at her blog to win a CD that her son and his fiance made. I was so pleased to have won. Sharon wrapped everything up in this pretty paper. Inside was the CD (I did not get a picture of it because my camera was broken on the way back from the beach) Also inside was....

these adorable little vintage card games. Sharon knows that I collect old board games. How sweet of her to send them to me. Also inside was....

this darling little book called Food For Thought. It has great little inspirational words and sayings. I keep it in my purse. Thank you Sharon! You are such a great blogger friend!!

I have so much more to blog about. Our company paid for a wonderful trip to the beach for us and I will post about it tomorrow. I also have an anniversary coming up! The big 10! Wow! Mom says she did not know that 10 was a big one. LOL! Well, it is to me.
I am so happy to be back and am headed off to visit all of you.

Friday, September 5, 2008


We have been on a trip to the beach. Here I am with my boss lady and my two co workers.
From left to right- Jeanne, Louanne, me and Betty Jo (the owner of our company). I will be back in a few days to blog more about our trip.