Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Austin and I took off to the Goodwill Clearance center a few weeks ago. I usually do not shop at the clearance center because it is just a bunch of junk. I know Sharon likes to go to hers so I figured I would give it another try. Everything is .99 cents per pound so we made out real good. Here are some of our finds.
This very tall wooden Santa. I think there is supposed to be a Mrs. Santa too, but- oh well.

These nearly brand new candle holders that look like Christmas balls. I have always wanted some of these so I was very excited to find them.
A great pocket book for Christmas.
Some of you saw my silver collection last Christmas. I now have this silver jewlery box too.

And I found these two silver goblets. The bottom said made in Italy so I fiqured they would polish up. See how tarnished they were.Now look. I can see my self with the camera.

I found a vintage pocket book. The picture does not do it justice! I love old purses.
And I got this pocket book for me to carry. Everyone has just loved it and keeps asking where I bought it. LOL!

Then I found these Norman Rockwell coffee mugs! Aren't they faboulous?

We also went to Safe Harbor. It is a local thrift store that donates all proceeds to battered women. I found these unusual vintage cups. This is the box.
This is the cup. It is a glass cup inside a plastic holder. It is two pieces and you just snap them apart. Isn't that unique?

Austin and I had a really great time. We were digging in all the bins and cracking up at some of the stuff. When I had picked up the silver goblet he found this huge wicker wall fan. I told him to fan me while I drank out of my silver goblet. We were just cracking up and people must have thought we were crazy. We had such a fun time together. I could not get any pictures during our outing, since my new camera is broken. I have to use my camcorder and that is not easy to lug around! Thanks for looking at all my treasures.


Kathi said...

Oh wow, you have found some wonderful treasures, Sondra. That little box is so cool. Kathi

Sharon said...

What a great day you had! I love all your treasures! You really scored. I like the silver box and your cute purses. I also think those snap together cups are very cool too! can find wonderful things at the Goodwill!

Hugs, Sharon
P.S. I keep praying for your family. I hope you are all doing okay after the tragedy.

Kelli said...

What a fun outing for you and Austin! You found wonderful treasures...I especially love the silver jewelry box!

Carla said...

FUN! (and I think you need some:)