Monday, March 28, 2011

Titanic and Aquarium

Above you can see our boarding passes. We were each given a different person who was on the Titanic. At the end you would find out if you survived or not. Sandy got Thomas Andrews who was the man that designed the ship. I was Gladys Cherry a 1st class passenger. Felicia was also a 1st class passenger who was a maid of a rich couple who asked her along to help with the children. Austin was a 2nd class passenger, a young boy of 18.
He is a replica of the center anchor.

The building was very cool!Watch out!! Here comes the boat!

We were not allowed to take any pictures inside, but it was very interesting. We spent two hours and learned a lot.
Then off the the aquarium.

A star fish that Felicia named Patrick.
A little eel.
Beautiful fish pond!
Very HUGE fish!
That white thing that looks like a plant is actually a fish! These were very cool.
Sea Horses. My favorite.

Schooling fish.
Huge tank of multi colored fish.

Then we went under the water in a very neat tunnel.
Look up! Saw fish coming.
Sandy had so much fun! He was so amazed by everything.

Horseshoe crabs piggy backing.
Fun in the kids area.

Feel in the box. Can you guess what it is ?
Austin in the tank.
Austin and Felicia in the water.
ANd me!
Giant sea crab. Austin hated these.
Sting ray. Love their faces.
Penguin time! Felicia's favorite.
Now underwater to go see the penguins close up.
Felicia got so excited when she came up in the tube. A little penguin was right there.

Still looking at penguins.
more stingrays.
Goofing off in the gift shop.
And goofing off at a store.

Here we are at the Christmas store. This was the best place ever. These trees here are so pretty. They cost about 6 hundred bucks.

This Christmas store was HUGE!! Just beautiful!!

Here is the outside of the wonderworks house. We didn't get to go in. It cost too much.
So we went to an indoor putt-putt that was all black lights. Very cool!

We had a blast. More pictures to come later!!