Saturday, June 28, 2008


I took off to the grocery store this morning with my coupons in hand. I made out real good on many items. First cereal was buy one get one free and I had a dollar coupon. I think I have enough cereal for the week! This is a favorite food around here.

Next I had a coupon for scoop chips and a jar of dip. Well, the chips were buy one get one free too!

I also had a coupon for FREE lipton green tea. And the Sobe drinks were on sale for $1.00.

I had a $2.00 off on the new Pert Plus so I paid $1.89 and it had a rebate for full price. I had a dollar off of Sauve body wash and it was on close out price so I paid 96 cents. Billy asked for Old Spice body wash and I had a dollar off and the scent he wanted was on closeout so I paid 69 cents. I bought two.

Pringles with coupon 40 cents,glass plus $1.19, coupon on razors and they had one pack on the shelf that was two pack for the price of one! Double deal! I had a dollar coupon for the scotch brite sponges. I usually get the three pack but the six pack was buy one get one free. I just made out today! I got many more deals with the double coupons too.
Oh, and I had a coupon for the menthos gum. Billy loves new gums and mints and I have always bought them for him. Well, the only flavor I could find was the one with the lime burst in the middle. I didn't think he would like it but his eyes lit up and he said, "Oh, this is the one on the commercial that when you chew it all the hot chicks come and kiss you!" Good job, Mom!

Then Wes and I took off to the Goodwill. I got some clothes and I found this adorable gingerbread man for 50 cents. Wes could not believe I was going to get it.
He was just to hard to resist. Is it Christmas soon?

THEN I GOT ANOTHER GREAT BARGAIN. SOMETHING FREE! Sandy was replacing a faucet for someone and the couple told him he could have the old one. I have always wanted one with the high spout and I love the old looking knobs. It goes with my vintage kitchen.
OH AND THE BEST BARGAIN OF THE DAY!!! THE CAR!!! I GOT THE CAR!!! I offered my old Buick to Aaron but he did not really want it so Billy is going to buy it for $1,000. He will pay me $50 a week. Here we are with our Buicks.

Do I look anything like a car model! LOL! I was so happy to figure out the the 12 disc changer worked. Now what 12 CD's do I put in???

Friday, June 27, 2008


Last night Billy recieved a phone call from Home Depot. They want to offer him a job! Funny how he has looked for so long and now two fall in his lap. Kind of like what happened to me. Wesley said if Billy didn't want it then he would go to his interview for him. Wouldn't that be funny if Wes got a job standing in for Billy? We will find out Billy' decision soon. I don't know if any of you watch America's got Talent, but I LOVE this show. There are so many good acts this year. Here is one of my favorites. I love to hear kids sing and this little girl is so adorable :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I am so happy to announce that Billy got a job today. He went for an interview at around 4pm. He called and told me that he felt like he really impressed the guy and that he thought he had a chance. The guy told him that he had two more people to interview in the morning and he would let him know. Well, about 10 minutes later he called Billy back and told him he wanted him to start tomorrow! He will be working at a graphic design company. He will be putting the artwork onto the signs. Funny, because Billy is very creative and had thought about going into graphic design. At least now he will be working in the same field. The job is thru a temp agency but hopefully it will become permanant. I am so excited for him because he has been pounding out the pavement for several months now.
No more free time for silly pictures, Billy :)

Oh, and Wes did not get the job he went for this morning. They said they needed someone 21 with a clean driving record. If they would have looked at his application they should have known he was 19. Waste of our time- ugg.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I have been off line all week and feel like such a bad blogger friend. I have missed out on visiting all of you. You know some weeks just fly by.My new job is going great and most days are so busy that the day is over before I know it. We are in the middle of a challenge this month. If we sell 50 cars we all get a $500 bonus. We are almost there! I really hope we make it.
I am thinking about buying a 'new' car. Well, new to me and newer than what I have. I will not get my free car till I am working there a little longer, but I will be able to get this car at an excellent price!

Right now I have a 93 Buick. This is a 2000 Buick. I never thought I would like a Buick. I thought it was a grandma car :) But now I love them. They are so comfortable and I love all the extras. This one has a sun roof, all leather interior, 12 disc changer, heated seats- oohh! and so much more. I will show more pics if I decide to get it. I drove it this weekend.
Good news- I hope- for Wes. He got a phone call on Friday about a possible job. Austin was home and answered the phone. Well, he is not a good message taker. Somehow he thought the guy said he was from Firehouse Subs but after much detective work we realized he was from Solidil Tire. Big difference there Austin! He even wrote the phone number down wrong. I had a little talk with him about how to take a phone message. With Billy and Wes both in great need of jobs that is important.
Billy is still looking for a job. He must have too much free time on his hands because I found these pictures on my camera.
Eating Cookie Crisp at the computer.

Wearing Austin's glasses and Aaron's headband. Is he going for the smart look here? I am really not sure.

Drinking out of a large Sprite pillow.

Ok this boy has WAY to much free time.
I will be around to visit every one later today. I am off to get ready for church. See you soon.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Ok, so it is 8pm and I have really not accomplished any productive task. BUT- I have spent some great quality time with Austin and THAT is more important! Aaron and Wes have been gone all week and Billy left with a friend yesterday. So, it is just Austin, Sandy and I.Austin was commenting how peaceful it was. Very soon, when Aaron goes to college it will be like this all the time. (UM- providing the oldest two move back out!!) This morning I woke up not feeling great. A little tired and a headache. I laid down and watched 16 Candles. When I got up I was feeling a little better so Austin and I were going to get some ice cream and play games. At the store I saw these very cute mini glass bottles. Aren't they adorable. I will have to display these. Sandy thought it would be a good idea to make them into salt and pepper shakers, but I want to keep them as is.

Austin and I played some old board games. First we played CrossUp. That is a great word puzzle game. I bought it on ebay because it had Lucille Ball on the front. I thought that would be a great collectible.

Then we played Stop Thief. I remember my cousin had this game in the 70s and I always wanted to play it. I was really into Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys then and loved a good detective game. I bought this one on ebay too.

We tried out two new Bryers ice cream. One was Loaded Waffle Cone. I couldn't have that one, but Austin said it was great. The other was Chocolate Crackle. I really did not care for it. We ate out of these cute cone shaped bowls that I got at BILO last year for 24 cents each!

Also, last night we watched Juno.

The media really raved about how great this movie was. I have also heard many people saying it was really good. Personally, I did not like it. Being that I was a teen mother also, I felt like the movie was just way to fictional. I do not think teen pregnancy is anything like they portrayed. But I guess all stories are different and considering this movie was based in current years and not 20 years ago- maybe teens think differently now. Who knows??? But I did not care for it. So now we are going to watch Saving Sarah Cain. This is based on one of my favorite Amish books by Beverly Lewis. I hope this one is better.
Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

Friday, June 13, 2008


We had to say goodbye to mom and dad again. They headed out once again to do more work for their ministry. They will be gone for about 5 or 6 months. They are headed to PA and New York. They have several tent meetings scheduled for various churches there.

We would much rather see that motor home coming up the hill, not going down. :( It seems like when they are here the visits are just too short and we do not get to do all the things together that we want to. But, I know they are off serving the Lord and doing what they feel is important. MOM- don't forget about my chat box!
Bridgette and Jeremey are off on their honeymoon. I hope that they are having a wonderful time. I hope they are relaxing and forgetting about all the troubling events!
Oh, look what my family brought me from PA. My Aunt Pat knows how much we LOVE Martin's chips. We can not buy them here in the south, so she stocked us up real good. This picture is after Billy already ate two bags of jalapeno and the rest of us devoured three bags of plain! Well, at least there are a few bags left.

If you have access to these chips in your area- count yourself lucky!!! LOL!
I am hoping to finish my laundry room this weekend now that the wedding and all are out of the way. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend too!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Here is some more of our wedding day fun. Wes was really showing out on the dance floor. He is the one in the vest. Cory is the other groomsman.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Here is the special moment when Bridgette danced with her dad. Yes, she is an only child and I don't think any of us has ever seen him cry! The video quality is not very good, I am not sure why, but I am sure that the love still shows thru. PAUSE THE MUSIC AT THE VERY BOTTOM OF MY PAGE FIRST.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Saturday, June 7th marked an eventful day in the lives of two young people. Bridgette and Jeremy were united as one and will now begin their lives together. It was a beautiful ceremony in spite of that fact that it took place outside and we were having 98 degree weather here! The couple was joined in marriage by my father (Bridgette's grandfather) and that made for an extra special touch. Austin video taped the event but I did take a few pictures too. I did not take pictures during the actual ceremony because I wanted to be able to enjoy it.
The guys got ready over at Bridgette's grandma's house. Billy was the best man and Wesley was also in it.

The girls got ready at the Haward House. This is where the wedding took place.

Here is the mother of the bride, my sister. She is the one in blue.

Here are some shots from the recepiton. The tables were all so pretty. We had a lot of family come in from PA and it was great to have them there.

They were both so cute when it came to the cake part. They each had a piece and all was good. Jeremy was trying to get some icing out of Bridgette's hair and she thought he was trying to put cake on her so she tried to get him first. But he ended up winning that one!

I found Billy sitting with a cold rag on his head. Bridgette had a wet towel around her neck too! It was so hot!
I am not a cryer and weddings do not make me cry. However, when Bridgette took the first dance with her dad my eyes became moist. It was such a tender moment. They danced to the song 'I loved her first'.

After it was all over some of us went back to Bridgette's grandma's house to see them open their gifts. They we so excited to have gotten over $700 dollars. This will help them out with the honeymoon greatly. They did get some gifts also including these butterflies. Bridgette's is crazy about butterflies and these will be great to add to her decor.

The day was so full of special moments. It saddens me to say that the night did not end on such a happy note. After all was over the couple wanted to invite some of the other kids over for a bonfire. They wanted a few more moments with all their friends. Jeremy and Bridgette were going to ride in his new truck that my father had helped him get just three days ago. Billy was going to ride in the bed of the truck. At the last minute the couple decided it was getting late and they were just going to go home and be together alone. Billy instead got in the car with my sister. Just a few minutes later, Jeremy and Bridgette were hit by another car. The truck rolled numerous times landing on its top. Thank God they were both able to crawl out of the truck before the weight of the truck began to crush the cab. The truck is a total loss but PRAISE GOD that both Bridgette and Jeremy were unharmed. Bridgette had a few scratches from the glass but that was the worst of it. Also, I PRAISE GOD that Billy was not in the back of the truck as planned. I do not think he would be alive today. How something like this will open your eyes to the fact that our lives are not our own, how our lives can end in just a moment of time. The fear and the 'what if's ' are just consuming my mind. I am trying to push them aside and just Thank God for watching over them all.
Thank you for stopping by to see the pictures of the happy day. I will be posting some more tomorrow.