Monday, February 23, 2009


Once again, all of us girls at work got to go shopping. This time it was for shoes. I LOVE shoes and did not have a problem finding many shoes that I liked. We had so much fun and of course when you are not paying it is even more fun! I ended up with 7 pairs. These on the right are navy blue.
Love that bright orange and red.
Oh my! Aigner shoes! I have never had any name brands like that! Louanne got some Aigner too.Earlier this week we all also went to this nice salon to get our hair done.
It looked a little bit like a doctors office from the outside. Inside each stylist had there own room. It was really pretty inside, but I did not get any pictures.
The sun was in my eyes here but this is after my hair cut. The question is????????? LIGHT OR........


Friday, February 20, 2009


Our company went out to eat at Kanpai of Tokyo. We were celebrating the fact the Jeanne got a divorce! Trust me - this is a good thing-very good. We had so much fun. They cook on a huge grill at your table. Our chef was very good and also funny. Here he is flipping eggs around. Here he was trying to throw shrimp into Jeanne's mouth!
He made a little onion volcano and lit it on fire and then 'lava' started coming out.
Here is the big flame!

Here is our chef and the chef that was working on the table beside us. They were so much fun!
That is the owner of my company at the end in the white shirt. The bald guy is Dennis. He was joking that he lost his hair the last time they ate here (from the flames! LOL)
There is Jeanne in the green. She was so happy. That is Louanne behind her.

Here I am with my sweet hubby Sandy. Ok, no he was not drinking!! Most of my pics from that night made everyones eyes look funny. Maybe it was just cuz we were all laughing so much!

Here are Jeanne and I outside after we were done eating. It was so windy and we could not get a good picture. Oh well- we had a blast!

Monday, February 16, 2009

One on One with Billy

I took Billy out to Applebee's yesterday afternoon. We had a really good time together. We talked about his job, his future, and many other things. After we stuffed ourselves we both ordered a huge desert. Here he is trying out the new chocolate cookie sundae. Yumm! It was really great to just hang out with him alone.
Also an update on my car. Of course you know my other car was a total loss. Well, the insurance company paid my entire balance that I still owed to the car lot and I had $1700 dollars left. I went to talk to the owner of my company and told him that I really wanted to get something cheaper for the time being. We are trying to get our finances on track and my other car payment was a bit much. So he surprised me when he said I could buy this 2001 Buick for $1600 cash! I could not turn that down. The car is so nice with leather interior. It may not be exactly what I want but I am so happy that I have no car payments right now. What a blessing.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Just Funny!

Last weekend Mom and Dad stopped by for a short visit. As I have stated before in my posting, my mom LOVES housework. So how happy was she that I was doing laundry. She loves to fold towels. When I opened the linen closest she said excitedly, Oh, can I straighten all the stuff out in here. See how nice a neat she folded everything................
Later that night as I finished the last load of towels, I folded them and placed them in the closet. And then I started laughing....................... Can you tell which towels I folded?! LOL.

I just love my Mom! :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009


This morning on the local news they were featuring an local blog. Click here to link this blog. This local man takes daily pictures of our beautiful city. This first shot is my favorite. Here is a little guy trying to catch a snowflake in his mouth. Funny thing is- we never get snow. However, they do have a snow machine down on Main Street that they turn on during special events.
This shot is from our yearly "Freedom Weekend Aloft".
This is the new publix grocery store that is nestled in the downtown area. I love going to this location.

These purple benches are so adorable along with.......................
the multi-colored pillars under the bridge.
Beautiful shot.

Ice in the fountain is always a favorite picture for people around here.
The falls downtown.

Beautiful after the rain shot. This is Main Street.

This is a typical looking shot of some of the old houses in the city.
This really is a beautiful place to live. Many people say they come here to live just because the area is so clean and full of natural beauty. Sometimes when you live here for so long, you take it for granted. This guy Denton, who takes these photos truly knows how to see the beauty in everything. He is a fabulous photographer. Stop by and look at his pictures. If you are from this area you will see new beauty from this city that you may have not noticed before. Next time you are downtown take time to soak all that beauty in.