Sunday, February 1, 2009


This morning on the local news they were featuring an local blog. Click here to link this blog. This local man takes daily pictures of our beautiful city. This first shot is my favorite. Here is a little guy trying to catch a snowflake in his mouth. Funny thing is- we never get snow. However, they do have a snow machine down on Main Street that they turn on during special events.
This shot is from our yearly "Freedom Weekend Aloft".
This is the new publix grocery store that is nestled in the downtown area. I love going to this location.

These purple benches are so adorable along with.......................
the multi-colored pillars under the bridge.
Beautiful shot.

Ice in the fountain is always a favorite picture for people around here.
The falls downtown.

Beautiful after the rain shot. This is Main Street.

This is a typical looking shot of some of the old houses in the city.
This really is a beautiful place to live. Many people say they come here to live just because the area is so clean and full of natural beauty. Sometimes when you live here for so long, you take it for granted. This guy Denton, who takes these photos truly knows how to see the beauty in everything. He is a fabulous photographer. Stop by and look at his pictures. If you are from this area you will see new beauty from this city that you may have not noticed before. Next time you are downtown take time to soak all that beauty in.


Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Greenville is a great son thoroughly enjoyed his four years at Furman.

Barbara H. said...

Those are really neat. They remind me of our 14+ years in Greenville. I especially like the hot air balloon and the ice on the fountain. Thanks for posting about this blog -- I'll head over.

Carla said...

How cool to rediscover your home:)
I live about 90 minutes from Greenville and 2.50 hours from Denton (TX:)

One of my kids has a myspace where he posts pictures of our town. This makes me want to check in and see what he has captured:)

jennifer said...

Beautiful photographs Sondra. It looks like a wonderful place to live.

Sweet Nothings said...

Wow you really do live in a beautiful city!

Lori said...

Those photos are beautiful!!
That was neat to see photos of your town.