Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kasadie turns 1

Mom and Dad
Here are some pics from Kasadies birthday party. Hope you enjoy.

Sorry the cake pictures are in backwards order. I am having to use the mini laptop and it is hard to move them around.

The aftermath of the cake!

Austin working on the little cake.
The cake!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Aaron graduates!!

I am so proud to say the Aaron has graduated high school. Here I am with him and his girlfriend Sandy. It was a very busy two weeks. The girls came over several nights to help out with getting ready for his party. Here they were decorating cookies.

And here they were painting banners that Sandy drew.

I made a cute sign for the cookies. They must have been good because this was all that was left. They made caps and diplomas.
Here is Cheyenne and Kim in front of some of the posters.

And here is Aaron in front of another one.
I made a scrapbook of Aaron's life. Here Billy and Wes get a laugh over some of the pictures.

Austin worked hard on the cake. Tevin and Tyler helped one night but that ended up in a powdered sugar fight in my kitchen. I will have to get some pictures from that. Austin made the cake to show the things Aaron was leaving behind and then the things he was going to....

Like he was leaving behind his beat up car, and his job at bilo and coins......
And moving toward dollars, a new car and a pharmacist job.

We played a game to see how well everyone knew Aaron. Here Sara is grading the papers.

Here is Aaron and Tyler. She graduated too.
The girls convinced me to buy a chocolate fountain. The kids really enjoyed it.

The party was a huge success and we had so much food. Later the kids hung out in the hot tub.

Then graduation day! Here are the two proud graduates.

Aaron's best friend Randy graduated from a different school. I am so sad I did not get a picture of them in their gowns together . Kasadie came too.

Here comes Tyler.

And here comes Aaron.
I loved that they threw their hats up! Most of the schools don't allow it. I missed some good shots but you can see one hat in the air.

Then they all had to find them!

They had a great celebration!!

Aaron and his grandparents.

Aaron and his brothers.

Aaron and his Aunts. I am so glad they were there.

Me and Tyler

Aaron and Randy wanted to go to Hooters afterwards. It was so much fun. The girls made the hats out of coffee filters and sang You are my Sunshine to them.

The whole place clapped and hollered for them. And the girls posed with them.

The following weekend Tyler had here party at the pool. Here is Austin mid air.

And a group jump in!

And a chicken fight.

It was such a busy eventful time but what great memories we made!