Sunday, December 30, 2007


Well, I guess it is official now. My niece, Bridgette got a ring for Christmas. I know she looks young but she is going to be 21. It is hard to believe that she will soon be married. They are planning for June. She met Jeremy thru my boys. It is so funny because they tease him about getting married. They tell him that he will be tied down and not able to hang out with them anymore. I told Jeremy that they are just jealous because they do not have serious girlfriends :)

Her ring is very unique but I did not get a close up of it. It has diamonds all around the outer edge of the ring itself. The big diamond is a square shape. I think it is called princess cut. That suits her! She is the only girl on this side of the family. She has always been the princess. It kind of looks like this one. I am sure when she reads this she will call and say "That is not my ring, mine does not look like that. Mine is prettier that that one." LOL!

Congratulations Bridgette! I love you!

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Christmas eve was my oldest son, Billy's birthday. He is now 21! Wow! I just cannot believe that. When I look at him I am just in awe of how he has grown up so quickly. And he has GROWN up literally. He is 6'2 and wears a size 13 shoe. I have to say that Billy was my difficult child. Even from the very beginning. I had a very difficult labor. He came into the world causing me great pain and continued to be a pain! LOL! No, I am just kidding. He was a little stubborn and bull headed as a child. He did not like to listen to mom at all. I was very young when I had him, so both of us had a lot to learn thru the years. However, he was so good in school and his teachers always loved him. They always said how sweet and helpful he was! Most the time I had to double check with them to make sure they had the right kid. All in all I have to say that I am very proud of him. He has grown up to be a very responsible young man. He has done a great job living out of the house. He pays his bills on time and keeps his place very clean. He does like to party a little too much and I just pray that he will outgrow that very soon.
Here he is a Christmas with one of his gifts. It is called a decision maker. You ask a question and swing the metal ball. Then the magnet will catch and give you an answer. Those boys had so much fun with that. They were asking crazy questions and then would just die laughing at the answers. It is so fun to see them still acting like kids. Billy loves Christmas and he is like a five year old all over again!
Here he is showing off his chin hair. Ever since I can remember he has been so anxious about getting facial hair. So funny. He thinks he is a man now. He even told us that we have to call him Bill now- not Billy or little Billy or Billy Randal or Bud. All those kid like names are out the door now. Well that will just be to hard for me. Happy Birthday Billy! I love you!


I am trying to recoup from Christmas. It was so wonderful! It was also very busy. I will be stopping by to visit all of you this weekend and updating my blog here.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


WELCOME! Austin and I headed out tonight to take some pictures of the lights around town. The other boys were at home- bah humbug on them! I do not have the best camera but I hope you still enjoy the pictures. As we were headed into downtown there was a beautiful full moon.
This is the big tree in front of the Hyatt.

This is a house that we admire every year. You can not tell by the picture but the large tree covers the front door. It is the most unusual and beautiful thing. As you can tell by the leaning small tree, it has been windy here. This is the tree inside the Mast General Store. It looks like they put 50 boxes of tinsel on this tree. That is all you can see! A must see tree for all those tinsel haters!This is the carousel downtown next to the hospitals festival of trees.These are some of the hospitals trees. We also have a trolley that you can ride on and it was lit up but we were not able to get a picture.This is one of the small churches in the area. It looks so pretty but once again not a good picture. We have so many beautiful churches here. One on every corner. There are literally hundreds of churches in our county. We did have a picture of the horse drawn carriage that you can ride in but it will not load :(The lights a Bob Jones University are breath taking! So very beautiful. No picture could ever do them justice.

This is the walking bridge at the front of the campus.

The BJ emblem.

A tree at the front entrance.More BJ lights.This is the large nativity that is on top of one of the buildings. So breathtaking.All the nations flags.Thanks for visiting my town. I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

Friday, December 21, 2007


It is time for show and tell at Keli's house. Click here to find out more.

Today I want to show you my favorite vintage Christmas item. I found three of these guys at a yard sale. It is a little Santa looking guy playing a guitar. The metal guitar is actually a bottle and can opener. It is magnetic and held to his little metal stick body with a magnet. They were all in boxes and had a date on them from the 50's. I sold the other two on ebay but could not resist keeping on for myself. He is just too cute!
Here is another of my favorite vintage items that I got for free in a box of junk. This is real heavy and looks hand painted. I do not know if this is a handmade ornament or not but to me there is just something special about it.
My main purpose today is to share with you a story about a random act of kindness. My local radio station has been doing these stories all week. Yesterday 12/20 was the anniversary date of our house fire. In 2001, five days before Christmas our lives changed forever. Our house caught fire. As we all went outside to safety, I suddenly realized that all of the boys' Christmas presents were going to be lost. I began to panic. Somehow I knew that this was going to be an awful Christmas for us and those presents would be the only good thing. Out of nowhere two gentlemen came running up and along with my oldest son and husband they ran into the smoke filled house and began to throw all the presents out in the yard. Everything was happening so fast and I was in tears. When I turned around to thank them they were gone. I never found out who they were. I was so amazed by their unselfish act of kindness. I think that was the best Christmas gift I had ever recieved. I contacted a local news channel and a radio station, but noone ever came foward and said it was them. It amazes me that someone would endanger their own life for someone else who they do not know and then desire no credit for it! Wow! What a blessing.This is three of the boys looking at the reamains of all of their possesions. We learned a great lesson thru this. Material things do not matter, they can be replaced. Your life cannot. Live each day to the fullest for you do not know what tomorrow will bring!

I took an old window and put pictures in it from the fire. At the bottom I painted this saying-There is always, always something to be thankful for.

This hangs in our house as a constant reminder of that.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Magazine Memories

I was over at looking at show and tell and Cathy was showing how she would save old magazine stories and put them in a book. I have a wonderful collection of old Christmas magazines and thought I would share some of them. This is a Family Circle from Dec 1966. That was before I was even born! :) The cost was 15 cents. I love that the cover says 'how to make gay Christmas ornaments'. I could just see that on a cover today. I just love the cover of this Family Circle from 1960. This one is so adorable. The little boy is showing his cat how he has hung his stocking by the tree.This ad was in the shopping section. For $1.25 you can buy a record that has santa talking and he will mention your child's own name. Wow, that is cheap!It is funny how the food in these books look so unappetizing. Not that the food itself would be bad, but the pictures are just awful!

I received an award! I will be back later to show you and to pass it on!

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Last night my friend Stacy and I hosted our first cookie exchange. I had all my cookies and some friends cookies loaded in my car. It is a 35 minute drive to her house, so I was taking the interstate. Well, people around here do not understand how to merge! Suddenly, all these cars started hitting their brakes and the car in front of me just locked it up! Not much I could do but slam on my brakes and sure enough- I heard all the cookies fall. The plastic container my friends peanut butter boiled cookies were in cracked open and my tray of woopie pies went flying in the floor. I did not want to stop on the interstate-not only for safety reasons but because I did not want to see the damage that had been done. As I continued on my drive the smell of peanut butter overwhelmed my car and I just knew it was not going to be a pretty sight.
When I arrived, I was pleased to see that all but two of those cookies fell into the lid and were safe for eating. However, I was not able to salvage one of my trays of woopie pies as the frosting was a sticky magnet for any dirt. We did manage to have a good time of hanging out and talking. We did not have as many people show up as we would have liked to, but for being our first try it was ok. We may try again next year.
LESSON OF THE DAY: If you are transporting baked goods of any kind, put them in the floor of your car and not on the seat! :)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Friday Show and Tell

For today's show and tell hosted by Kelli over at, I would like to show a few more of my Christmas decorations. Here are all the boys' stocking hung by the fire! Also notice my vintage Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause. I paid 3.00 each for these at a yard sale. They are so cute. They are made of that stiffened fabric and are pretty big. The picture does not do them justice.
All of the items in the stockings are WRAPPED! This was a tradition that my mother started when I was real young. I was always awake around 4am, so excited about Christmas. Well, mom and dad were not too happy about waking up this early, so mom started to hang our stockings on our bedpost and carefully wrapped each item. That way I could spend some time opening my special treats and give them more time to sleep! I have always done the same except they get hung by the fire. I even wrap packs of gum!
Here is a tree and some reindeer in my yard. You can see a little bit of my big polar bear in the corner.

Snowman heads light the walkway. This is my manger scene. I painted these also. Sandy built the manger for me. I regret that I never bought the other ceramic pieces to finish the scene. That store has long gone out of business. Sandy is also working on a star for the top.
I just have too much to show for one post, so please stop by again to see more of our Christmas display!
Check out my elf family:

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


So, Saturday I was outside finishing up my outdoor decorating for Christmas. Christmas? Is it December? Oh, look...flip flops? We are having very warm weather- like in the mid 70's. Even for the south this is a bit warm for December. Even the flowers are confused. I noticed these guys peeking thru. Wow! I sure would love some snow! :)

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Austin's birthday was this week. He turned 13! Wow, he is now stepping into those wonderful teenage years. It seems like yesterday he was my little boy.
Austin was a surprise pregnancy. I really thought that my family was done, but I guess God had other plans. The pregnancy went very smooth. I was never sick and the time passed so quickly. I knew he was a boy early on. During my labor I was told that I had meconium and I was terrified. I knew someone whose baby had died from this. The doctors wanted the room to be very quiet when he was delivered. This was hard because I had my husband, sister, sister in law, best friend and 5 doctors in the room! Austin came into the world on Dec 4th, 1994 weighing in at 7lbs 4oz. He seemed so tiny and frail to me. (His brothers were all big babies.)
His tiny feet were badly bent and he had dark red places on his eyelids and forehead. But to me he was perfect and beautiful. As he began to grow people would ask me if he had a cold, or what was wrong with his eyes. I grew fearful that this would get worse, but by the time he was 2 they were completely gone. As he began to walk we put him in some corrective shoes and the problem with his feet was also completely repaired. God also blessed him with this beautiful blond curly, curly hair. Oh, how people loved his hair. When he was old enough to start school, he wanted it all cut off. He did not like his curls at all! So most of his young life he wore it short. Now, at 13 it is long and curly! LOL! This is one of my favorite school pictures of him. He is just so cute. When Austin was in third grade he underwent plastic surgery for a rare condition of trichofolliculoma. This is a tumor of the hair follicle that usually develops in older women and presents itself in one or two places. Austin however had hundreds of them on his face. They were tiny clear bumps and you really could not see them from far away. He was misdiagnosed by many doctors and I was told he would out grow them. But they actually were multiplying. I finally got a biopsy done and found out what they were, but no one knew what to do. Generally they remove one or two but he had so many and some close to his eyes. I spent many hours emailing various plastic surgeons but no one wanted to touch him for all the uncertainty. I finally found Ram Kalus in Columbia and he was so wonderful. I cannot say enough about this man. He changed Austin face like you would not believe. You can not even see his scars. It was a six hour surgery but worth every tense minute. Austin is now a perfect, handsome teenage boy.
As I sit here this morning typing this and remembering back on these things, I find it hard to believe that my baby (he will always be my baby!) is 13. Each year I long so much for him to stay the age he is at. It just tears me apart to know that he is growing up. Over that past year he has visibly 'grown up'. Everyone cannot get over how he has changed this year. He is becoming a man. I want to hold onto him as long as I can. I cannot imagine the day that he leaves home. I am afraid my world will crumble. I still have time for that so I will enjoy each and every moment in his life now as he ventures into his teen years.
I love you Austin- my baby!
Happy Birthday.

Friday, December 7, 2007


So you must stop over at Kelli's place to learn all about show and tell She is such a wonderful person :)
Today I would like to show you some of my Christmas village houses. Back in 1990 when I lost my girls, I took up the hobby of ceramic painting. That was the in thing then! I bought several of these houses and painted them.

Over the years I have never been able to find anymore of the same type and scale. So a few weeks ago I was in the goodwill store and was so surprised to find a whole shelf of unpainted houses-exactly like mine. And what a wonderful surprise to find a donut shop- Austin's favorite place.

And a taco place- Aaron's favorite place. I also found a chocolate shop-my favorite place.
I still have about 7 more to paint and doubt that I will be done before Christmas. And then I have to clean up this big mess I have created.When I get them all set up I will post more pictures. I have lighted snow that goes under my houses and they look so pretty lit up! Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Favorite Ornaments

The tree is done and the presents are beginning to pile up! I wanted to share some of my favorite ornaments with you. I got this ornament for Billy when he was 7. He was so much into music and he always had headphones on. When I found this I knew it would be perfect for him. It has two tapes that you can change and they each play a Christmas song. Last year the batteries finally died and it does not play anymore. Every year Billy searches for this one on the tree.

This is an ornament that my dad made for me when I was real little. I was always a math whiz and was so proud when I started taking algebra. He made this little chalkboard and even made a 3d apple on it. This will always be my favorite.
A few years ago I started a collection of vintage Christmas ornaments. My sister and I would buy them at yard sales real cheap and then resell them on ebay. I always kept my favorites. So, someone gave me a free box of old ornaments and these little books were in there. They have several pages of Christmas songs in each one. I just thought these were real interesting. They came with a hanger but I do not know if they were originally ornaments or if someone made them to be.

Below is a macrame tree that I made when I was very little. I remember my sister and I would spend hours on the porch making macrame pot hangers. This is a wall tree I have. It is flat on the back and you just hang it on a wall. This year I have the vintage silk strung balls and these little vintage pixies on it. I have this in my den. (sorry I didn't flip the pic)
Thanks for looking at some of my special ornaments and I will share some more soon.