Saturday, December 15, 2007


Last night my friend Stacy and I hosted our first cookie exchange. I had all my cookies and some friends cookies loaded in my car. It is a 35 minute drive to her house, so I was taking the interstate. Well, people around here do not understand how to merge! Suddenly, all these cars started hitting their brakes and the car in front of me just locked it up! Not much I could do but slam on my brakes and sure enough- I heard all the cookies fall. The plastic container my friends peanut butter boiled cookies were in cracked open and my tray of woopie pies went flying in the floor. I did not want to stop on the interstate-not only for safety reasons but because I did not want to see the damage that had been done. As I continued on my drive the smell of peanut butter overwhelmed my car and I just knew it was not going to be a pretty sight.
When I arrived, I was pleased to see that all but two of those cookies fell into the lid and were safe for eating. However, I was not able to salvage one of my trays of woopie pies as the frosting was a sticky magnet for any dirt. We did manage to have a good time of hanging out and talking. We did not have as many people show up as we would have liked to, but for being our first try it was ok. We may try again next year.
LESSON OF THE DAY: If you are transporting baked goods of any kind, put them in the floor of your car and not on the seat! :)


Dawn said...

Oh wow....I am just thinking about those cookies...glad they were ok for eating after all your work.
Thanks for leaving a comment at my place.
Happy Christmas!!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Glad you salvaged some of the cookies. Eat one for me! I love cookie exchanges! Try again next year, more people will come!


Sharon said...

Oh, what a big bummer, but thankfully you were not hurt! I am glad that you still enjoyed your evening!

:0) Sharon

Rose said...

I love cookie exchanges. Just how do we send cookies to our friends without them turning into crumbled cookies. It is such a challenge. Did you also do a cookie exchange at your house?

Our Red House said...

I've chosen you for a blog award. Come and have a look!