Wednesday, September 9, 2009


We took off for a trip to the beach. We had a flat tire on the way down and no spare. It was late but we were very fortunate to find that Sears stayed open late for the holiday weekend. We got towed in and thank to Dad for his credit card- he paid for the tires. However, this set us back and we arrived very late. Since this was the first time to the beach for Aaron and Austin, we had to head out to the ocean regardless of the time. This was about 10:30 when we arrived. Then we took off the grocery store around 12:00 midnight.

Most people were surprised by the fact that my two youngest have never been to the beach! They had so much fun. They were in awe of the massive expanse of the ocean. And Aaron learned that ocean water burns your eyes and tastes funny in your mouth! Hehe!It was so neat for me watching them for the first time in the water. It was such a special moment.

We had a very nice ocean front condo. See Aaron up there on our balcony?There he is!

We ordered in some pizza one night.
We had a fully stocked kitchen which was a great money saver.

We played put-put.

Aaron takes this very serious!

The pink castle and they had pink and purple golf balls.
Cave hole.

We spent a lot of time in the arcade. They won over 4000 tickets. Austin would have spent a fortune if I'd have let him.
Racing each other.

They rode the giant swing and Austin rode the mechanical bull. It was so funny.

We had such a wonderful time. Just me and the two youngest! I love just hanging out with them. To end on a funny note-- when we first got to the condo the boys were so excited about how nice it was (they don't get out much-lol). Aaron came in to the living room and said, "Wow, have you seen the master bathroom? It has this red light. It much be for romance or something". At first I said "Really, that is crazy." And then it hit me. I told him it must be a heat lamp! And boy did that thing heat up! Aaron is the smart one and so we teased him about this the whole time. It was so funny.

Mom and Dad- I hope you enjoyed the pictures and I will get some video clips up later. Thanks for helping us with the tire so we could have such a good time.