Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easter Pictures

The Saturday before Easter we had a big get together at our house. We knew we would be busy at Church all day Sunday with our Easter program so we had our fun a day early. Austin made a huge deal or no deal game and we played for real money. Here Granny takes the hot seat.

And Billy takes his hot seat seriously. He really wants to win the BIG prize of 10 dollars.
And even Pap takes the hot seat.
At the end, Billy and Wes gave Austin a chance to play his own game. Funny how it was my money we were giving away, but when I played I only won 1 cent!

We had an egg toss.

Bridgette had an egg splat on her by ME! She couldn't stand it. Then she chased me down and put the egg in my shirt.
Sara ducks out of the way of an egg.

Billy and Wes wait to catch their eggs.
Good catch.
Nice catch again.
Sara and Wes took home the prize for this game. A big basket of candy. Oops don't tell those WW people :)
More egg toss fun.

The egg hunters wait inside while I hide all 70 eggs!! Sara is upset because somehow her name did not get put on her bag. LOL!
Wes finds an egg.
Here Bridgette and Granny had the same idea at the same time.
Wes is like a kid all over again.
Wes and Bridgette see one. Run guys, run!
Kasadie plays nearby. Such a sweetie.
We had lots of food. Steak and shrimp and baked potatoes. Later we had icecream, cake and smores by the fire.
Billy still gets his Easter basket even if he is 23.
And Wes too. I think I will always get them Easter candy.
Austin and Granny hang out.
A shot of the aftermath of dying 70 eggs. Austin and I had that job.
Later that night, Melissa, Tyler and Tevin came over. They just loved our confetti eggs. They were real dyed eggs, but were hollowed out and had confetti inside.

Late night basketball.
My festive table at night.
Tevin and Tyler enjoy the hottub.

Aaron and his girlfriend Sandy were not able to come. They were off at the beach for senior week. I gave them their baskets when they got home. They were both exhausted and Aaron had picked up strep throat.But they posed for pictures anyway. Here Aaron has his huge basket loaded with beef jerk

Austin's huge basket was loaded down with dvd movies.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.