Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

These two photos got out of order and I don't know how to fix it ( I am on Austins computer). But above is Wes and Tyler. Tyler didn't win so Wes gave her one of his prizes. Just like Wes. And look below. Even Kasadie had fun.

We missed you mom and dad for our wonderful day of food, family and bingo! Here are a few photos from our time together! Billy is smiling over all this food!We had more food than you can imagine.
We did buffet style. Everyone fixed their plate and then gathered at the table. There was just to much food to put on the table and I didn't want to wash all those serving bowls (since mom wasnt' here to help!!)
We even had deep fried green beans. I thought maybe Billy and Aaron would try a vegetable this way. That didn't work.
Billy and Jonnie
We had over 20 people here for bingo. Look who is pouting because he is not winning. OF COURSE-Aaron
Jonnie had a great time and you can see Billy focusing on his card, determined to win. You would have thought I was giving away 100 dollar bills.

Look at the blanket Billy won! Austin won two gift cards!
Wes and Austin cutting up
We can't wait to see you!!!!!