Saturday, June 27, 2009

More Excitement at Work

We have had some more excitement at work. Remember last time cameras were there we were shooting our first ever TV commercial. Well, this time guess who is behind the camera?
It is THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL! Yes, can you believe it!
Here is just a small portion of the story. We helped this woman, Jerry to purchase a large conversion van. She was is much need of the van to transport her son to school and such. Her son is a very large boy. Our owner cut the price for her and we bent a few rules but she was so grateful. Well, last month she learned that the Department of Social Services was planning on taking her son away from her because of his excessive weight. I guess that she panicked and took off on the run with him. Several days later she was captured many states away. She spent some time in jail but is now out and not only awaiting trail but getting a documentary done about her-hence The Discovery Channel. Here is the thing- there has NEVER been a case of a child being taken from his home because of his weight. I think it is such a gray area. I mean, half of the kids in Austin's school are overweight. Does that mean that all these kids need to be taken away? Then again, yes his health was at danger. The video team was asking our opinions and listened to some of us debate the issue. They got a good bit of video of me so maybe you will see me on tv soon. They were there on the day she came to pick her van back up. We had it towed back to our lot and held it for her for no charge. Here she was leaving in it. So, what is your opinion of this story??Ok, mom and just for you-- some more pics of your sweet great granddaughter.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


JUNE 19th- 5:00 am- Bridgette goes to the hospital to have her labor induced. By this point she was a week over due and starting to feel very rundown. However, before they could induce her she started have good strong contractions on her own. She had been having some for several weeks but finally they were coming good. She did very well with the pain. I grabbed one shot of her trying to breathe thru the pain.

Finally, around 7:30 pm Kasadie Michelle Mcjunkins came into the world at 7lbs 2oz and 19 3/4 inches long. Bridgette did such a good job during labor and delivery with no problems. Here I am holding her.
Here is grandpa holding her. His eyes teared up every time he held her.

Looking at grandpa.
Great grandma got her turn. (Bridgette's grandma)

The other great grandma. (Jeremy's grandma)
Great grandpa (Jeremy's grandpa)
Grandpa gets her again with still more tears in his eyes.

Isn't she the sweetest thing?
She look a lot like her daddy but has her moms mouth.
My son Wes holding her.

Wes' girlfriend Samantha holding her
This seemed to be her favorite spot. On her daddy's chest.
Did he not get the best fathers day gift ever?
Me and Kasadie once again.

Of course my sister and I and our mom shed many tears because she could not be here to see her. They left town two weeks ago for another tent meeting. Her great grandma and grandpa will be back soon enough to see her. In the meantime- I am thankful for digital cameras and this great internet :) Enjoy the pics mom and dad :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Too much going on here :(

I have not been blogging much as things have been so busy here. We have extended hours at work during the summer. I am also committed to going to the gym daily and that takes up much time. My new meds are causing me to gain weight RAPIDLY and I am struggling with this issue greatly. We just found out that my husbands car will need a new engine and that is a financial burden that we can not deal with right now. We are also anxiously awaiting the arrival of my niece, Bridgette's baby. She is due on Friday the 12th but we were so hoping that she would arrive before tomorrow because my parents are leaving town tomorrow and will not be back for 6 months. Well, there is always tonight- hurry up Bridgette and go into labor! :)

I will be back to blogging again soon. I like to blog more when mom and dad are on the road that way they can keep up with all of our life events. I have been stopping by and reading all my dear friends blogs when I can. I hope to get back on track here soon.
Miss all of you :(