Saturday, June 27, 2009

More Excitement at Work

We have had some more excitement at work. Remember last time cameras were there we were shooting our first ever TV commercial. Well, this time guess who is behind the camera?
It is THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL! Yes, can you believe it!
Here is just a small portion of the story. We helped this woman, Jerry to purchase a large conversion van. She was is much need of the van to transport her son to school and such. Her son is a very large boy. Our owner cut the price for her and we bent a few rules but she was so grateful. Well, last month she learned that the Department of Social Services was planning on taking her son away from her because of his excessive weight. I guess that she panicked and took off on the run with him. Several days later she was captured many states away. She spent some time in jail but is now out and not only awaiting trail but getting a documentary done about her-hence The Discovery Channel. Here is the thing- there has NEVER been a case of a child being taken from his home because of his weight. I think it is such a gray area. I mean, half of the kids in Austin's school are overweight. Does that mean that all these kids need to be taken away? Then again, yes his health was at danger. The video team was asking our opinions and listened to some of us debate the issue. They got a good bit of video of me so maybe you will see me on tv soon. They were there on the day she came to pick her van back up. We had it towed back to our lot and held it for her for no charge. Here she was leaving in it. So, what is your opinion of this story??Ok, mom and just for you-- some more pics of your sweet great granddaughter.


Persuaded said...

First things first... that is one sweet baby girl♥ i love her tiny little elbows. and her nose! sigh....

Now, as for what my opinion is regarding the mom with the extremely overweight child... well, I am very over weight myself, and my oldest daughter has always struggled with her weight as well, so I do understand how difficult these issues are. That said, I don't see how a parent could let things get so out of control with their child's weight. And that kind of excessive weight hurts the child in so many ways.. their health is at risk of course, but also they become such a social outcast. I don't see how a mother could bear seeing her child go through that and not act to help them.

There is a boy in my son's karate class who is extremely overweight... so much so that he is unable to do many of the things that the other kids do- they have to modify some of the activities for him. The staff is very kind and understanding and make sure he is included. It's a great situation for him.... but I do not understand his mother. She has recently lost quite a bit of weight herself- she looks great! But why is she doing this for herself and not helping her child? Just doesn't seem right to me.

So I guess I don't have any great answers to the big question, lol. But I am looking forward to seeing you on tv! ((hugs))

Sharon said...

Oh my goodness, she is such a sweetie! I wish I could just pick her up! I love it that she is so filled out! How cool that the Discovery channel came to your work! Awesome. The reason for the story is sad though. I feel bad for the boy.

I hope that you have a great 4th of July with your wonderful family!

Hugs, Sharon