Sunday, December 30, 2007


Well, I guess it is official now. My niece, Bridgette got a ring for Christmas. I know she looks young but she is going to be 21. It is hard to believe that she will soon be married. They are planning for June. She met Jeremy thru my boys. It is so funny because they tease him about getting married. They tell him that he will be tied down and not able to hang out with them anymore. I told Jeremy that they are just jealous because they do not have serious girlfriends :)

Her ring is very unique but I did not get a close up of it. It has diamonds all around the outer edge of the ring itself. The big diamond is a square shape. I think it is called princess cut. That suits her! She is the only girl on this side of the family. She has always been the princess. It kind of looks like this one. I am sure when she reads this she will call and say "That is not my ring, mine does not look like that. Mine is prettier that that one." LOL!

Congratulations Bridgette! I love you!


Crystal said...

I've heard of two other couples getting engaged this Christmas. What a fun present!

BTW, when it hasn't been snowing here it's either been windy or rainy, I snapped my pictures while everything looked pretty. Soon after the rain came and washed it all away. We've had loads of slush this winter, snow mixed with rain, and any other combination of snow and rain that the weather guy can come up with... It looks kind of nice falling, but then it's weird seeing the ground not have anything with it melting right away. We're supposed to have more snow in a week or so, so maybe I'll have more snow pictures posted on my blog soon.

nannykim said...

Congrats....and yes that is a Clemson flag on the boat! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats and she looks happy. Tell the boys that he will have someone to keep him warm at night hehe.

Julieann said...

The ring is just lovely!!! Congratulations, and also Happy Birthday to your son too, from the post below!


Anonymous said...

tank for good posting- you can watch now-