Friday, February 20, 2009


Our company went out to eat at Kanpai of Tokyo. We were celebrating the fact the Jeanne got a divorce! Trust me - this is a good thing-very good. We had so much fun. They cook on a huge grill at your table. Our chef was very good and also funny. Here he is flipping eggs around. Here he was trying to throw shrimp into Jeanne's mouth!
He made a little onion volcano and lit it on fire and then 'lava' started coming out.
Here is the big flame!

Here is our chef and the chef that was working on the table beside us. They were so much fun!
That is the owner of my company at the end in the white shirt. The bald guy is Dennis. He was joking that he lost his hair the last time they ate here (from the flames! LOL)
There is Jeanne in the green. She was so happy. That is Louanne behind her.

Here I am with my sweet hubby Sandy. Ok, no he was not drinking!! Most of my pics from that night made everyones eyes look funny. Maybe it was just cuz we were all laughing so much!

Here are Jeanne and I outside after we were done eating. It was so windy and we could not get a good picture. Oh well- we had a blast!


jennifer said...

It looks like y'all had such a good time and then you got to eat too? Wow!

Sharon said...

That is such a neat place! We have one very similar here, it is an experience!!! I am happy for your friend. Now I hope there is healing and restoration in her life and that when she is ready she will find a real treasure of a guy like your awesome hubby!

Xox Sharon