Sunday, June 8, 2008


Saturday, June 7th marked an eventful day in the lives of two young people. Bridgette and Jeremy were united as one and will now begin their lives together. It was a beautiful ceremony in spite of that fact that it took place outside and we were having 98 degree weather here! The couple was joined in marriage by my father (Bridgette's grandfather) and that made for an extra special touch. Austin video taped the event but I did take a few pictures too. I did not take pictures during the actual ceremony because I wanted to be able to enjoy it.
The guys got ready over at Bridgette's grandma's house. Billy was the best man and Wesley was also in it.

The girls got ready at the Haward House. This is where the wedding took place.

Here is the mother of the bride, my sister. She is the one in blue.

Here are some shots from the recepiton. The tables were all so pretty. We had a lot of family come in from PA and it was great to have them there.

They were both so cute when it came to the cake part. They each had a piece and all was good. Jeremy was trying to get some icing out of Bridgette's hair and she thought he was trying to put cake on her so she tried to get him first. But he ended up winning that one!

I found Billy sitting with a cold rag on his head. Bridgette had a wet towel around her neck too! It was so hot!
I am not a cryer and weddings do not make me cry. However, when Bridgette took the first dance with her dad my eyes became moist. It was such a tender moment. They danced to the song 'I loved her first'.

After it was all over some of us went back to Bridgette's grandma's house to see them open their gifts. They we so excited to have gotten over $700 dollars. This will help them out with the honeymoon greatly. They did get some gifts also including these butterflies. Bridgette's is crazy about butterflies and these will be great to add to her decor.

The day was so full of special moments. It saddens me to say that the night did not end on such a happy note. After all was over the couple wanted to invite some of the other kids over for a bonfire. They wanted a few more moments with all their friends. Jeremy and Bridgette were going to ride in his new truck that my father had helped him get just three days ago. Billy was going to ride in the bed of the truck. At the last minute the couple decided it was getting late and they were just going to go home and be together alone. Billy instead got in the car with my sister. Just a few minutes later, Jeremy and Bridgette were hit by another car. The truck rolled numerous times landing on its top. Thank God they were both able to crawl out of the truck before the weight of the truck began to crush the cab. The truck is a total loss but PRAISE GOD that both Bridgette and Jeremy were unharmed. Bridgette had a few scratches from the glass but that was the worst of it. Also, I PRAISE GOD that Billy was not in the back of the truck as planned. I do not think he would be alive today. How something like this will open your eyes to the fact that our lives are not our own, how our lives can end in just a moment of time. The fear and the 'what if's ' are just consuming my mind. I am trying to push them aside and just Thank God for watching over them all.
Thank you for stopping by to see the pictures of the happy day. I will be posting some more tomorrow.


Frogdancer said...

Wow! What an ending to the day. The good thing is that they'll have a hellova story to tell for the rest of their lives. No one will forget THAT day, that's for sure.

Everyone looked lovely anbd so happy. What a great day.

Kelli said...

Oh, I'm so glad they were not seriously hurt, Sondra! How scary! It looked like the wedding was wonderful and congratulations to the beautiful bride and groom!

Jesse said...

Wow -- amazing! I am so glad they are all okay!!

Barbara H. said...

Oops -- that was me. I didn't realized my son had used his account last.

Celestial Freak said...

Looks beautiful! And I love that dress you wore!

Our Red House said...

What a beautiful wedding, and what a scary ending. I am *so* glad that both bride and groom are unharmed.


Sharon said... looks like it was such a beautiful wedding! Her dress is so pretty and he looks so handsome. What a great couple. Everything looks so lovely. I am thankful that they are okay. Oh my goodness, I just wasn't expecting to read that at the end. I am soooo thankful that Billy did not ride in the back, that is so scary. I pray that they have a blessed marriage!

Hugs, Sharon

Feathering My Nest said...

Oh Sondra what a beautiful bride and lovely wedding. It looks like such a happy day ~ except for the last part. I agree with you that God protected all of them, and kept Billy out of the bed of that truck. I praise God too that all are safe, but I am sorry for the loss of the truck. Have great Friday. Kathi

jennifer said...

Sondra, I have read through and feel like I have gotten caught up with you. The wedding pics are gorgeous and you looked like a total hottie! I know Sandy loved your dress.

Take care.