Sunday, June 1, 2008


Whew- I am tired! I feel like I have not stopped going since Thursday. Saturday was so busy. It started out at 5 am. Aaron and I took of to the grocery store around 6:30. We were getting all the food for Jeremy's cookout. We had planned a bachelor party of sorts, but not like a traditional party. We were trying to keep it fun but clean! Dad was also bringing mom over to help me clean up and get ready for it. Dad's birthday was the 28th, but somehow with memorial day and the wedding events his birthday just got overlooked. Aww, poor dad :( He just got lost in the shuffle of everything. Well, I got him some goodies. He loves to have some snacks handy when they are on the road so I can always buy him treats and know he will be happy with that. Aaron and Austin picked him out a nice tie that has John 3:16 on it. Don't you love the birthday hat. A few years ago Sandy brought this home and it became a tradition that everyone has to wear it on their birthday. Dad just looks too cute in it. Happy 71 DAD!

While Aaron and I were in the store he convinced me to buy him another paint ball gun. I got Aaron one several years ago but it never really got used. So, him and Austin took of into the woods to play. Well, now I see why you should have protective gear. Nice shot to Austin's chest and one on his face like that too.
Anyway, I helped the boys get everything settled for the cookout and I took off to moms. I was trying to help her do a fancy up do that she could wear for the wedding. Unfortunately, I did not have much success. The guys cooked out and played some badmittion. No one thought to take any pictures but I did get a few when I came back home. Here is a good shot of Aaron being airborne! After that we loaded all the guys up and took them to late night glow bowl. I tried to grab a quick shot or two before I left them. Austin's newspaper shirt looked really cool in the glow lights but you can't tell in the picture. If you can see the pink shirt sleeve- that is Jeremy. The boys made him a pink shirt with a check list of things he had to do. One thing was to moonwalk down the lane. Well, he definatly does not know how to moonwalk according to the boys. But they had a lot of fun with it. href="">

While I waited to pick them all back up, I stopped by to see mom and dad. By the time I showed up it was after 11pm. Then Bridgette and Sara came by. Mom wanted to give Bridgette her shower gift. She got her a nice vacuum.
We all sat around and talked for a while and somehow got to talking about feet. So we all started comparing our feet! Silly! Dad has very pretty feet and even doctors have told him so. Mom says that the Bible says, "Beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel". So that is her reason for his nice feet. Yes, we tend to do silly things when we are tired and the hour is late! :)
We then had to go and let mom and dad get some sleep. We had to pick up the guys around 1 am, so we decided to go a few minutes early and take the bride in to "crash" the party. Well, that did not go to well at first. Jeremy was a little surprised and shocked to see her, but he got over it. It wasn't like they were doing something that would embarrass him. They were all just bowling and having a good time. Sandy was there to 'chaperon' them! LOL!
We got in very late and no one woke up this morning until well after 11am. Even now at 5pm I am ready to go back to bed. I am so glad it is all over with. But it was a lot of fun!


Feathering My Nest said...

Sondra, What a good mother you are for doing all those special things for the party. Also, What a good daughter you are to give your dad a party and make everything special for a special man. It looks like everyone had a great time. I hope your cute little feet can get a little rest. You can relax a bit. Take care and happy Monday. Kathi

Sharon said...


Wow girl, you have been busy! I love the cute traditional party hat you have! That is awesome....I need to find one! You are such a great mother and daughter, and friend!!! Isn't it funny how we get when we are with people we love, like comparing feet! That is so funny!

Hugs, Sharon

P.S. I want to see the "After" pix of your new laundry room!!!

Julieann said...

Love the hat!! and ouch on the paint ball boo-boo---

Busy girl you have been---don't you just love these days:)

Happy Birthday to your Dad!!


P.S. Love all the feet:)