Saturday, June 28, 2008


I took off to the grocery store this morning with my coupons in hand. I made out real good on many items. First cereal was buy one get one free and I had a dollar coupon. I think I have enough cereal for the week! This is a favorite food around here.

Next I had a coupon for scoop chips and a jar of dip. Well, the chips were buy one get one free too!

I also had a coupon for FREE lipton green tea. And the Sobe drinks were on sale for $1.00.

I had a $2.00 off on the new Pert Plus so I paid $1.89 and it had a rebate for full price. I had a dollar off of Sauve body wash and it was on close out price so I paid 96 cents. Billy asked for Old Spice body wash and I had a dollar off and the scent he wanted was on closeout so I paid 69 cents. I bought two.

Pringles with coupon 40 cents,glass plus $1.19, coupon on razors and they had one pack on the shelf that was two pack for the price of one! Double deal! I had a dollar coupon for the scotch brite sponges. I usually get the three pack but the six pack was buy one get one free. I just made out today! I got many more deals with the double coupons too.
Oh, and I had a coupon for the menthos gum. Billy loves new gums and mints and I have always bought them for him. Well, the only flavor I could find was the one with the lime burst in the middle. I didn't think he would like it but his eyes lit up and he said, "Oh, this is the one on the commercial that when you chew it all the hot chicks come and kiss you!" Good job, Mom!

Then Wes and I took off to the Goodwill. I got some clothes and I found this adorable gingerbread man for 50 cents. Wes could not believe I was going to get it.
He was just to hard to resist. Is it Christmas soon?

THEN I GOT ANOTHER GREAT BARGAIN. SOMETHING FREE! Sandy was replacing a faucet for someone and the couple told him he could have the old one. I have always wanted one with the high spout and I love the old looking knobs. It goes with my vintage kitchen.
OH AND THE BEST BARGAIN OF THE DAY!!! THE CAR!!! I GOT THE CAR!!! I offered my old Buick to Aaron but he did not really want it so Billy is going to buy it for $1,000. He will pay me $50 a week. Here we are with our Buicks.

Do I look anything like a car model! LOL! I was so happy to figure out the the 12 disc changer worked. Now what 12 CD's do I put in???


nannykim said...

You are such a coooooool model!!!

Frogdancer said...

We don't have coupons in australia.

We do have new cars, though not Buicks. Have fun with it, it looks lovely!

jennifer said...

Aren't you Sassy in your car! We have similar taste in cereal too! Reese's puffs are WONDERFUL, with our without milk.


*the word verification was "nuehuz"


luvmy4sons said...

Found your blog through Sharon's. I have four teenage sons- ages 19, 17, 14 and 13! Just thought I would say hello!

Feathering My Nest said...

Sondra, You are a terrific car model, in fact you are so good, I'll take one. LOL Well, you are so blessed with that faucet. I'd want it too. I am awarding you the Arte y Pico award. Please take your time in posting about it. I waited more than two weeks, as I have wanted to think about who to present it to. Hugs, Kathi

Julieann said...

It is never too soon for Christmas, in my book:) We should celebrate Jesus everyday:)

You scored---woohoooo! Love the pictures.


Sharon said...

You do look good in that car!!!! You hottie! :0) Good job on all your bargains!!!

Hugs, Sharon

Celestial Freak said...

Great bargains! And I love that sink!

Lori said...

Sounds like you shop like do..
I love to use coupons any chance I get.