Thursday, July 3, 2008

IS IT NECESSARY? And other stuff!

I am still loving my new car. I guess I am way behind on the times on these car features. My last car was a 93 so this 2000 version is WAY newer to me. I am sure that many of you have NEW cars and are used to such luxuries. First lesson I learned yesterday- Do not leave your sunroof open on a 100 degree day for when you get in the car with leather interior and rest your arm on the console-- well-- HOT!! Here is the view from the sunroof.

Is it really necessary to have such a large cup holder and what is the little tray on the side for. It is not big enough to put your lunch. Is it also necessary for the passenger to have control of the temperature in the car? I don't think so.
Is it necessary to have a compass in your mirror? Does anyone even use a compass anymore?
Is it necessary to have access to your trunk from the back seat of your car? I guess that rules out locking the kids in the trunk or the ex husband :)
Oh, and isn't this just a dandy feature. I handy note pad on the top of the console. Too bad I am LEFT handed!! Serves me no purpose whatsoever! LOL!

Here is a cool sketch of Austin doing some of his card tricks. It's funny because when I was a little girl I was very much into magic. I would put on these magic shows and probably bore my parents to death :) Now here is Austin who is also fascinated with magic. He follows everyone around with his deck of cards. The boys call him 'Mind Freak' and everytime he walks by they say, "Pick a card" because they know that is what he is about to say. Of course Billy says that with a crazy accent and it has become the only way to say it now.
Here is another cool shot of him doing an air shuffle.

I made bowtie chicken alfredo for supper. That is the number one favorite around here. See those secret special spices? Back when Austin was younger, he used to come help me cook at the big kitchen I worked in. He learned how to make this great seasoning for chicken. My boss let him mix up some and take home. He called it Austin's Secret Seasoning which when it got labeled on the jar was A.S.S. LOL! There is only a tiny bit left now and since we do not have access to the main ingredient I do not get to use it. So, this is moms secret seasoning.
Big pot of bowties.
Oops, didn't get a picture of the completed meal. It was gone to fast!


Feathering My Nest said...

Sondra, Love your new car. My husband and I have 10 cup holders in our truck. When we went on a trip every cup holder was being used, and I needed another LOL, and told my husband, "They just don't make enough cupholders in these new vehicles." I'm a lefty too. Have a great 4th. Oh I gave you an award the other day. Hugs, Kathi

Celestial Freak said...

My old 83 Volvo had that opening to the trunk. It's to take skis with with you inside the car instead of tying them to the roof (at least that's what the owners manual said.) I think I used used it a couple times bringing home large curtain rods for the sliding doors.

The climate control for the passenger I can sort of get too, to keep the driver from being distracted. But if you have a kid in that seat I can see that being a bit more of a frustrations.

I think over time you'll love your new car more and won't care about the odd features.

BTW, thanks for your comment on my hot days post. I do so much wish we could get an AC. I think here in WA we only have about 2 or 3 weeks totally where it would be necessary. So most homes are built without them. But man alive are we miserable during the hot days. Someday we will get an AC. Maybe next summer, I just can't see how we could afford it this summer.

Can you have bow-tie pasta? Did you find some gluten free pasta? Or did you just cook for the boys?

Persuaded said...

oooh sondra, i love all those features on your new car! i would love that notepad in the console... of course i am right handed;)

btw, i also love those photos of your son... how did you make them look like line drawings??

hope you're having a nice 4th of july!

Sharon said...

I love all the bells and whistles on your new car! I know some of it is unnessesary, but still really fun!!!

:0) Shar

Lori said...

Love all the extras your car has.

I too am a lefty.

Your botie pasta/chicken meal sounds yummy!