Saturday, July 19, 2008

$$ Yard Sale $$ Money $$ Vacation

So last year we did not get to take Aaron and Austin anywhere for vacation. Our finances have been very tight. The two boys are really hooked on theme parks and roller coasters. Austin will ride anything. He has no fear and began to ride the big rides as soon as his hair barely touched the height limit line :)

The year before last we drove all the way to Ohio to go to Cedar Point. It was well worth it. Long Drive. Great park. They would love to visit all theme parks in the USA. Hubby and I are not big on rides but I love to do what makes the boys happy. Well money is tight again this year and they really wanted to go to Busch Gardens in VA. I have really been trying to figure a way to do this and the other night I even had a dream that a large check came in the mail for me. LOL! Yeah- right. Anyway- my sister and I decided to have a yard sale today. She moved and had some excess stuff. I told the boys to help me gather some things and all the money we made would go toward our trip. After a late night, early morning and terrible hot sun it was not looking good. Sara made off with a good bit but I only made about $27.00. Sad :( But now I just got back home and grabbed the mail. You won't believe it! There was a check in the mail! It was a check from a medical overpayment from the insurance company! AMAZING! INCREDIBLE! That was so strange. Dreams do come true- huh? I know that God is always looking out for us- even if it is such a small thing as a trip to the park.


Persuaded said...

WOW! Sondra.... that is just the coolest thing ever! God is just so good... He wanted to bless your selfless mother's heart, I think:)

((hugs)) to you m'dear!

Sharon said...

Praise the Lord! Isn't that awesome! God is so good and He loves to bless us! I hope you guys can have a wonderful trip!

Hugs, Sharon

Celestial Freak said...

What a cool blessing! It's like your dream was meant to tell you to still hold hope. I know my yard sale this year stunk too. And that check is totally one you wouldn't ever think about, huh?

How fun that things might still happen.

BTW, if you ever as a family make a trip to Washington state, my hubby would probably want to go along to the theme park too. I'm not much for them either, I actually have very bad vertigo from just kiddy rides so I tend to avoid them, and since we aren't active in youth groups anymore he hasn't really had anyone to go with. It's things like this that make me feel bad that we don't have kids for him to entertain. Maybe next summer I'll plant the idea in him to get the youth together from church to plan a trip down to the theme park.

Lori said...

I was going to say....that having a yard sale is a great way to make some extra cash...
But then even better yet you got the check in the mail.
God is so good.
Enjoy your vacation.

I was just telling my husband the same thing...maybe we shouldn't go on vacation this year with the price of gas and all, but I think we have something working out in our favor better afford being able to go.