Saturday, July 5, 2008


I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July. Our day started off with WORK! Not at our jobs, but around the yard. We were clearing out more brush. Aaron is gone camping with his cousin and Billy was out and about with friends. It was so hot, so we did not get too much done.

We came in and all took cold showers then Wes and I took off to Steve and Barry's so he could get some shorts. After that I laid around and watched some stand up comedy on Comedy Central. Around 6:00 Austin and I decided to head out and see what we could get into. Usually we cook out here and do fire works but everyone was gone and I didn't have the money to waste on fireworks. We live right near the line of two different counties. When you leave my driveway you can go to the left and be in the 'big city' of Greenville or you can go to the right and be in a small town of Easley. We hardly ever go to anything on main street in Greenville. It is always over crowded, too expensive, to loud, to many drunks, no where to park....It is just not our cup of tea. So we decided to go to Easley and see what was going on up there.
They had main street blocked off and the streets were lined with vendors and crafters. This event was more family friendly and was alcohol free. They also had a stage. This older group was singing some 50's songs and the older people were dancing in the street. It was so cute.

We went in this great antique store. I had been in there once before and love this place. It is two stories packed with stuff.
I was not allowed to take pictures in there. You are not even allowed to carry your purse because things are packed so tight that people were breaking stuff with their purses. Austin has an appreciation for antiques and vintage things too. We were so excited when we saw that they had the old movie projector from the old Colony theater. This is the theater where we got our movie chairs and the reel from the Titanic. It closed down and is now a church.
We would have loved to have that projector but it was not for sale. They are keeping it for a piece of history.
Across the street a new auction house is opening. We were invited in to look around and I saw this real cute baby dish in the window. It is a ceramic type bowl with pictures of nursery rymes in each section. It sits in a metal pot with a handle and I guess you would just put it on the stove to heat up the baby food and then take the plate out. I thought about Sharon and how she loves old baby stuff! :)

Austin and I grabbed a funnel cake and cheese fries. Of course I am not supposed to have this stuff but I did take a bite or two of funnel cake. I love them! This is also when we realized that next year we should set up a food booth and make a killin in profits.

Autin also thought they needed a street magician so I told him to practice up for next year. They had a lot of blow up rides for little kids. The church at the old colony had stuff for kids too like this rock climbing wall. I would have liked to try that.

I would also have liked to do this one. It was a portable trampoline thing that would bungee you up the higher you jumped. We thought it was funny because the name of this thing was painted down on the corner and it was called "Trampoline Thingy". Very creative on their part- huh?
We finally found a spot to sit and watch the fireworks. We sat right in front of the train tracks. A train came by numerous times during the evening- loud!!- but we made it thru the fireworks show without any interruptions.

My camera battery was starting to die, so I was having a difficult time getting pictures of the fireworks. Look at this great shot. There was a ring firework inside of the larger one. It happened so fast that some people missed it. I think you will have to click to enlage these to see them better.

I love this shot because you can see the moon.

Here are some more.

All in all we had a good time. I ran into an old friend of mine and got to see her baby. And Austin saw his math teacher. Other than that, we did not see any one we knew. Funny how two counties can be so close geographically but yet that invisible line keeps them seperated. I am sure most people were in Greenville celebrating. When we got home we stood on the front porch and could see the Greenville fireworks display. This is the only picture I could get. That red ball in the distance was one of the fireworks.


Feathering My Nest said...

Sondra, I just love small town USA. That's what we did. We always go to this adorable "Mayberry" town for the parade and fire-works. I love it because, we even have Gospel music playing along the river before the fireworks. I love your photos. It looks like such a fun day with your family. Have a safe and happy weekend. Hugs, Kathi

Kevin's Space said...

HI, this is Crystal, I'm logged in on my hubbies profile right now.

Looks like you all had lots to do, lots of fun, and lots of celebrating. All we did was watch a movie and go to bed early. So boring. I wished we had done something, but Kevin was so tired.

I saw your comment about glitches on my page, Hubby wonders what browser you're using. Personally I have no idea why that would be. He says that our main page ( would look kind of like that, but we can't think of why, if you went to that that would happen.

Sharon said...

What a great 4th you had! I love the 4th in a small town! I do love that little baby dish! I'm flattered that you thought of me when you saw it! I think of you too when I see vintage games! I love your pictures of the fireworks! You're camera took way better pictures than mine did. I laughed when I saw the second to the last looks like the second before conception under a microscope!!! LOL!

Have a great weekend!

:0) Sharon

Lori said...

Looks like you had a great
July 4th.

We did too. Check out my slideshow when you get a chance.

Sherry Martschink said...

Great pictures of fireworks. I've been in the two-story antiques store you have pictured -- and made purchases there on several occasions. It's great.