Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Making old new again

I had these old metal flowers out under my porch. They were rusted and faded so I painted them. I am going to put a clear coat on them and put them in the yard. Aren't they cute? Next I think I will paint my frogs. They are metal too. The golfer one is Austin. The basketball one is Aaron. I think I will keep his shirt pink!!
Do you remember these old photo cubes from the 70's. I bought this at the goodwill for 20 cents a long while back. I finally put some pictures in it.

Today is hump day! Yeah! It has been a real rough week at work :(


Frogdancer said...

Do you realise what hump day sounds like????? Bwahahahaha! You crazy Americans!!! You apparently eat weeds when doing yard work and now we find out that you devote an entire day a certain pursuit.
I've returned the favour and given you an award. I hope it doesn't clash with the sunflowers.

Persuaded said...

personally, i am loving that embroidered table scarf in your photo:) did you do it yourself?

nannykim said...

Ha, I forgot about those cubes!

Lori said...

I love your newly painted flowers. Very pretty.