Saturday, September 13, 2008


So, my company took us all to the beach. They paid for everything. They took us out to eat every night and they gave us 500 dollars each to spend. You could not work for anyone better than this couple. That is the owners in the front. In the back are us 3 office girls and two of the car salesmen. The other guy could not make the trip.We rented this huge 8 bedroom 9 bath house. It was so beautiful inside.

This is the back of the house. The walkway let right to the beach. Sandy and I stayed in the center room up top. The very top of the house was a mini house in itself with a kitchen and living area too.
Here is the living area and one of the huge eating tables. The kitchen was fabulous but I did not get any pictures.
Here is Sandy in the hot tub.
Hanging out, rocking on the porch.
View from the porch


Mr. Crab. Sandy was teasing him with his green mountain dew bottle. The crab was just fighting with him like mad. It was so cute. We stayed for 4 days and had a wonderful time. Of course there was much work to get caught up on when we returned to the car lot. I can't wait till next years trip.


Sharon said...

You lucky girl! Wow, God really has blessed you with this new job! What a gorgeous place you stayed! The views of the beach are amazing! I like the fiesty Mrs. Crab! How nice that they gave you $500.00 too! Are they hiring??? Do they need a medical receptionist from Oregon???LOL!

xox Sharon

Lori said...

What a wonderful, awesome trip.

That is great that your boss'
took you on that trip.
What a fun time.
It looks like you stayed at a great place.
The outside view looked beautiful.
That is so awesome that they gave you $500 to spend. What did you spend your $500 on? Hoped you treated yourself.

Just wanted to stop by and say hello.
I haven't been around blogland much this last month.
I hope to post sometime soon.
I've just been busy.

Carla said...

Fun Fun! Thanks for sharing!

Ben, Jenny & Jayden Bryant said...

I am sure Sandy really enjoyed having a few days off!! Glad to see yall had fun!