Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

See, I told you that mom was coming to help me clean-and she does not play! Here you can see that she is even washing my windows. I had a tuff day today at work doing the big Thanksgiving dinner for all the kids and the staff, so I was not up for much cleaning. Mom can run circles around me anyway.

Here are all of our gifts for the bingo prizes. Last year I started a new tradition. As it gets late in the evening and everyone is stuffed we all sit down and play Bingo! Each winner gets to choose a prize- no feeling- and at the end you may keep your gift or exchange with someone. There are some real nice gifts and some gag gifts. We had a blast last year with this. The funny thing is that one of the gag gifts ended up being the one thing that all the kids wanted!

Well, I am off to watch Charlie Brown with the kids!


Crystal said...

Bingo sounds like such a fun thing. Kevin's family ususally has worked puzzles, but bingo sounds like fun!
This year we are having Thanksgiving with some dear friends of ours, I wonder what we will do all day? But I know it will be fun, we always have a great time together.

I need your mom at my place! LOL! I just can't keep up lately. How wonderful that she's helping you out!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Hugs and blessings,

nannykim said...

Great idea --that sounds like a lot of fun playing bingo!!

Sharon said...

How nice to have your mother help! What a sweetie! I love your Bingo idea and you picked such great prizes. That is a wonderful idea!

Have a special, special time!

Hugs, Sharon