Thursday, November 1, 2007


I was very disappointed last night. I went to my niece, Bridgette's house to help her pass out candy. She has just gotten her first apartment and so she was very excited about passing out candy to the kids. Well, I know it makes me sound old but Halloween has sure changed since I was a kid.
The kids were not even dressed up. They were carrying grocery bags and duffel bags for candy. Some kids were digging their hands in the candy bowl. Some said 'I don't like that, I want something else'.
Wow, even when my kids were little it was not like this. I dressed them up in cute little costumes and taught them how to say thank you.
I am very disappointed and glad that Halloween is over with! I sure can't wait for thanksgiving.


Crystal said...

Hi Sondra!
That does sound disappointing. I know when my DLH and I lived in apartments that we never really had many trick or treaters and only about half made any real effort to dress up.

Now we live in a community with lots of houses at the end of a farming community and we had lots of kids come by, all dressed up, I think the community really makes the difference.

Regarding your question on my recent post. The title and text of that post is a link for where to buy them.

I'm pretty much looking forward to Thanksgiving now too!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sharon said...

What a bummer! We had great kids. We had a few that didn't say thank you and a few that were not dressed up, but overall they were sweet and cute. I learned a long time ago not to let them grab in the bowl, I place one or two pieces in their bag. My son, Mackenzie, was handing out the candy last night and he wouldn't give them candy until they said Trick or Treat and he made it clear he expected a thank you!

Have a great day! ARe you gonna do a show and tell this week?

:0) Sharon

Julieann said...

Hi Sondra! OHH, I hear ya!!! I have a story I want to share on my blog, but I have yet to get around to it..LOL---So many things to say, not enough time.

My baby was up stairs sleeping and and I went up to check on him--he awoke and I started to nurse him--well, some child started banging on my door---the banging got louder and louder until he banged so hard my front door opened, he walked in my home and took the candy out of the bowl that I had on the table--I couldn't believe it---I put my baby down and ran to look over the railing--I was horrified--UGH!!! ..and I really enjoy Halloween, but that part was a bit bitter, kwim?