Saturday, November 10, 2007



Did you know that the first ballpoint pen came out in 1945. More than 5000 people jammed the entrance to Gimbel's department store to buy one. The store sold all 10,000 that they had. Each pen cost $12.50. WOW! That was a big chunk of change for one pen! Must have been a weeks salary then :)

This is the model of Easy Bake oven that I had. This came out in 1963 (before I was born) and cost $15.95. There were 500,000 sold in the first year. The next year the avocado green came out with more dials, a fake clock and an oven hood. In 1970 harvest gold came out and baked twice as fast and had a working timer. 1978 introduced the Mini-wave oven and was orange, brown and white. The 80's produced a dual temperature oven and then a pink oven with a snack center. The newest ovens can make macaroni and cheese and pretzels. WOW! I did not know that! I guess that is because I do not have any girls.

This is the model with the range hood. I think my cousin had one of those. I so loved this toy. I remember I made strange cakes with many assorted ingredients. I can still taste that orange cake mix that I so often used. Yuk! My information for this post was found in my Reminisce Magazine. I just love those!


Sharon said...

Hi Sondra! I always loved the easy bake ovens, but I never had one
:( Poor me! I think the old toys are so fun to look at.

Come by my blog, I have a surprise for you!

:0) Sharon

Nunnie's Attic said...

Sorry I was not available all day. But it's not too late to enter. If before I go to bed I noticed that you hadn't yet, I will enter your name for you.

As for the music. I think you can click on the playlist and it will direct you. If it doesn't go to Project Playlist. You'll have to log in but it's free. And then they'll create the HTML code for you. Just add a page element at that point. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you so much for the sweet comments and Good Luck!


patterns of ink said...

One of my younger math teachers has a funny Easy Bake Oven story. She grew up in England and saw the commercials during a visit to the U.S. She always wanted one but never got one. The man she married knew this and found an old Easy Bake oven still in the box on EBay. He put her diamond ring in the cake holder that goes in the oven, wrapped it, and gave it to her for Christmas. Even though she was now 23, she was so excited to see the Easy Bake that she opened it and set the ring box aside not even noticing what it was. Her boyfriend didn't know how to interpret that sign. She started playing with the oven. He eventually got her to notice the ring and they are now married. True story.

Sharon said...


Been think'n bout you. Any word on your health? I pray you get good news.

~ Sharon

Kimmie said...

my easy bake oven memory:

get a cute box of mix, stir you heart out, pour it in a little kitchen pan, slide it I look the whole cake pan tips in landing all over the wee little light ball (that actually cooks the things)...I picked a kitchen set pan, but not the one with the sides that are meant for the oven (little side handles that grip the edge of the oven, preventing tip catastrophes)
Yup, lesson learned, order out. ;-)

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted