Sunday, November 4, 2007


This is one of my trees from the year before last. I love the way the lights shine in the french doors.

Christmas will be here before we know it! Every year I say that I am going to do my shopping early and well- that never happens. Well, I am proud to say that I have already started. Yesterday I wrapped most all of the presents that I already have. Of course they will all get re-wrapped and tagged and bows put on top. I just wrapped them now to keep the kids from peeking. I have put them around my "fake fireplace" in my bedroom. I bought these electric logs for $3.00 and Billy built me the fireplace to put them in. He even has it looking like bricks inside. This was his first woodworking project. I have not really finished painting it and you can see where the cat thought the edge was his scratching post . Anyway, I love sitting next to it, curled up with a book. It makes a crackling sound too. I also have a real fireplace downstairs .:)
Well, I got a good head start this year. Does anyone else? Oh, I think I see one with Tab's name on it!!! :)


Kimmie said...

Hi Sondra;

Wow, looks like you have been busy!

I love your tree from last year (is it real? it is so perfect!) I am looking for an artificial one for our study- I've never had one before, as we always cut a real one the day after Thanksgiving.

I have you covered in prayer...God is so faithful and I am believing you are going to see him working in this.

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Brenda said...

Thank you for coming by. I love the tree. I start shopping when things go on sale the day after Christmas and keep it in plastic totes.Glad you got ahead this year.
I want a fake fireplace in my office upstairs,but im not to smart about that stuff.

Crystal said...

Pretty pictures. I'm in the mood to jump into Christmas already. I keep asking my hubby if it's still too soon to decorate for Christmas!

As to your comment on my recent post... Yes, I have too much time, but if I cleaned house, it would cut into my computer time! :-)

BTW, I'm praying that when we do start to decorate that our new cat won't cause too many issues. He's a very curious cat and I expect a few tree falls and broken ornaments this year.

I'm so glad you enjoy my blog. Do you remember how you ended up coming across it?


Our Red House said...

I am so impressed with your level of organisation. I haven't started Christmas shopping yet. I dread it and avoid it for as long as possible.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I have four kids too, though only 3 boys.


Sharon said...

O.M.Goodness! You are amazing! I haven't even thought about Christmas gifts yet and it looks like you are almost done! Good for you! Your fireplace is wonderful! So cool that you got the logs for only three bucks and then your husband made the harth, that is really impressive!

Have a great day! Sharon

Lori said...

You sound and look just like me.
We too have gotten most of our Christmas shopping done and have wrapped all the gifts. We have also taken our family pictures / and ordered Christmas cards.
We have one of our Christmas's in a couple weeks/ at Thanksgiving.
You know the nice thing about getting ready ahead of time allows for a much more relaxed December.
Then we can all truly enjoy the real meaning of Christmas and Christ's birth.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I always enjoy meeting new people.

P.S. Come back over and check out my blog. I see you like antiques. You will like the antiquities pictures of our 2 kids.