Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lady Be Fit

In searching for any useful health information I pulled out this old book I have. It is called 'Lady Be Fit' and was written in 1942. It seems back then that people just did not have all the ongoing health issues that we have today. So I figured I would spend some time reading how women kept healthy and fit back then. Well, much to my surprise I found this chart that shows your correct proportions. Funny, funny, funny!!! According to this chart at my height which is 5'2" I should be: Weight -119 pounds, Bust-32 1/5, Waist- 25 1/5 Hips- 33 4/5 Arm-10 2/5 Thigh- 18 3/4 Calf- 12 4/5. Perhaps this is my problem. I am not even close to these! (Just kidding- I am not really taking this seriously). I know my waist was 24 when I was 15! Yes, I know that I am a little overweight and I am working out and eating right and have already lost 9 lbs. Wonder what I would look like if I was exactly what this chart says. There is some great stuff in this book. Very interesting read. Click on the chart to enlarge and see where you fit! :)


Sharon said...

Hi Sondra! Hey, I am dieting too! I just blogged about it today. Do you want to participate in my weigh in Wednesday? I am doing it to see if it helps motivate me to stay on the diet! I am not saying my actual weight, just how many pounds I want to lose and how many I lost for the week.

I love the old book! It is so cute. I am 5'2 also!

Have a super great day! Sharon

~Robin said...

too funny-and sad really.
Be healthy and happy-thats what I say!

jennifer said...

the fat girl has no comment :)