Monday, February 11, 2008


I am beat! Sore! Tired and wore slap out! Bridgette and I were on our own today and we worked hard. We got the kitchen floor done and the kitchen painted. What a weekend!

The floor looks good. The floor is wet in the picture and that is why the grout colors look different. It looked great when it dried. There is Bridgette's cat supervising us. I think I was going to pull my hair out at one point! LOL! I was not sure that I was up for the drive home but made it here to see Billy and Wesley. They were here doing laundry. I missed a great shot of the two of them hugging and asked them to do it again but they wouldn't. So they just shook hands and then acted like they were going to fight. Billy broke out in a smile in that one.
Then they got carried away with these little guns that shoot out small soft balls. They really do hurt and Aaron got Wes in the eye once.You can see Aaron had a round lid for protection. Smart kid! It was so great to come home and watch them all playing like a bunch of kids again.


jennifer said...

Sondra, so I see theater seats in the backgound? do tell....
I left a thank you note of sorts on my comments section for yesterday's blog post. Come by if you get a chance.
the photos that I have of my husband and his brother are of them standing about 2 feet apart wtih the arms folded in front of them. NEVER any hugs. I guess they just aren't expressive that way. Jennifer

jennifer said...

Very Cool! I am impressed with you girl!

nannykim said...

Wow the floor looks great! My daughter has that on her project list. They have been renovating a house since August. They still have the kitchen and dining floors to do. They are waiting until they have saved a bit more money...They have done a huge amount of work on the house, but still have many projects. Oh--she is 4 and 1/2 months pregnant in the picture. She is not showing much yet!

Sharon said...

Life with boys! I totally understand!!! The floor looks fabo! You did a great job. I love the picture of the kitty....I think that might just be an award winner!

Hugs, Sharon