Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I've been tagged!

So my wonderful new friend Jennifer over at has tagged me for 7 random facts about myself. She put a very creative spin on hers but I am already having a difficult time just coming up with something.

1. I love doing home improvements. I laid all my own ceramic tile and wood floors. Years ago I even built a small attic room for Billy.(Well dad did the stairs and floor)I love to paint, wallpaper, ect. I love remodeling!

2. I am from a very small town in PA called West Fairview. It was mostly all made up of family. Every year since I was little they have a big "town picinic" in July. They still have it and I have taken my boys a few times. It is held in an old theme park with the old wooden coasters still running!

3. My father is a carpenter by trade and is also a traveling evangelist. Sound like anyone you know! LOL!

4. I was always involved in drama doing school plays and such since I was very small. I would memorize everyone's part and could recite the entire play by myself. Great memory I have!

5. I LOVE to roller skate. Always have! I think I was born with skates on my feet. We had a huge front porch and I would start skating early in the morning when everyone was still asleep. I was always up about 4am every day.

6. I am very competitive. I loves games, puzzles, trivia,and books. Not to brag but I am pretty smart :)

7. My favorite comfort food is cocoa and toast. You toast the bread and butter it real good and then dip it in your cocoa. I have eaten this since a child and even have it for my main meal. My aunt still teases me about the fact that I can eat a whole loaf! Well, now with my wheat allergy no more cocoa and toast :(

8. Bonus one! I love to write. My father always told me that I had a talent for writing and should write a book. A few years ago an english proffesor read some of my writings and was very impressed. That made me feel so good.I recently helped my niece write one of her college papers. I have written a few short stories. I know my writing skills do not show up in my blog anywhere! I just type as if I am talking to you on my blog. Maybe I will work on that!

I think most of my friends have already been tagged for this, but if you want to play let me know so I can stop by and read yours----tag-your it!


Kelli said...

I enjoyed learning more about you! I will have to try the toast, it sounds yummy! Have you ever had a little brown sugar on your toast? We used to have that when I was little. :0)

jennifer said...

You are an interesting lady! I like games that have to do with 'order' - tetris, solitare, etc. I think it gives me a sense of organization that I don't have in my day to day life. My Dad is a tow truck driver/mechanic/preacher. He has a captive audience in his wrecker and he witnesses to folks. His gas station is a real "Filling" station. Thanks for doing the Tag - it's nice to know more about you. Jennifer

Charlotte said...

You're a very interesting person. I was especially impressed that you layed ceramic tile and wood. I have done a lot of painting and wallpapering in the past, but I would never have tackled a floor. I thought the cocoa & toast was interesting.