Sunday, December 21, 2008


It seems like the weeks of December have just flown by and now here we are at the week of Christmas. Wow, where did the time go? Above is my little front porch lighted with some garland. Our stop sign counts down the days till Christmas. One thing that I usually put a lot of thought in to is wrapping paper. I know that may sound funny but I like to try and find paper that relates to each kid. The year Billy got braces I found paper that had reindeer with braces! It was so cute. Sometimes it is hard to come up with new paper ideas and most time I have to order it from catalogs. Well this year I had a different idea. I got that shiny colored paper and each kid chose which color they liked. I have never used this paper and I think it looks so pretty under the tree. For all the other family members I got shiny silver that has these velvety snowflakes. It all looks so nice. The only drawback to this paper that is the tape does not stick as well. I keep having to re-tape corners.
As I started wrapping the stuff for the stockings we all realized that we could have coordinated the color of gift wrap with the stocking. I forgot all about that fact that the stocking were all of the same colors as the paper. Only Aaron's matched up. Blue with blue.

It seems that the most color under the tree is gold. That is the color Austin picked. The other boys keep saying that I did that on purpose because he is the 'golden child' and will get the most! LOL! They are so funny. Well, I am off to wrap some more gift. I am really getting excited and there is so much going on this week.


Kathi said...

Sondra, Your front porch is so pretty and your packages are gorgeous. I love the way you decorated everything. Thank you for your sweet comments. Have a very merry Christmas. Hugs, Kathi

Sunflower Farm said...

I love your Christmas gifts. They are lovely mine they never look that nice! Thank you for visitng my blog nice to meet you.

Sharon said...


I cannot believe how beautiful your packages are! I am so funny about the rest of my home and decorating, but I have NEVER been good at wrapping gifts. First of all I rarely use boxes and I think that is what makes your gifts look so pretty! I love how much thought and care you put into the wrapping paper with colors and themes. It looks beautiful. Your front proch looks so pretty too.

Thank you for your nice comments and tell your sister hello for me! Tell her to say hello on my chat box sometime or leave an anonymous comment, I would love to visit with her!

Hugs, Sharon

Carla said...

Your presents are beautiful! My hubby buys after Christmas, and as he wraps he sees which one 'feels' like the gift receiver. Presents like yours would 'put me in the mood' too! Merry Christmas!!!

Julieann said...

Sondra!! The gifts are gorgeous.

Merry Christmas:))) Hugs to you and yours!


Lori said...


Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Your tree and gifts look beautiful!
I love the shiny gift wrap.

I have finally posted again.
A Merry Christmas wish to everyone.
Come by when you can.

Love and Hugs,
I am going to email you again soon.