Friday, December 19, 2008

Memorial Service at Law Enforcement Center

The local law enforcement center held a tree lighting ceremony in memory of those who lost their lives this year to traffic fatalities and homicides. I took Aaron and Austin. The oldest two did not want to go. It was a very nice service and they assured us that they try to do everything possible to make these drunk drivers pay, but I still do not believe that things will go in our favor. The local news did a story on the tree lighting and of all the 42 names on the list, the news clip showed them reading the names: Bill Carey, Ruth Carey. That was really special for us. I tried to upload a clip but blogger is not letting me.
You can click Here
to go to our local news video and type in the search box- memorial for victims and drop the box down to last 7 days to watch the clip. They do talk a little bit about a young girl here who was murdered, but you can hear the officer reading the names and see the tree of angels that we got to pick an ornament from.
What a hard holiday this will be.


Sharon said...

What a very sad day. I am glad that they had this special service to honor those who lost their lives. I still pray for justice for your in-laws. What a shame if she gets off, it just isn't right.

Hugs, Sharon

Frogdancer said...

I logged on to write something sympathetic and supportive, then Mrs Doubtfire bleeped for help. She was a bit constipated or something. While I was unclogging her brushes, your blog suddenly started singing LOUDLY at me.

Scared the living daylights out of me...

The first Christmas after a death is always hard. The good thing is that you all still have each other.

Carla said...

Oh, Sondra, so sad, and so special. I'm sorry for your loss, and so proud you went (don't know that I would have).

God bless you guys this time of year.