Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So the day after Christmas I received my long anticipated package from Australia. My blogger friend frogdancer was knitting a scarf for me and I couldn't wait to get it. She has four boys just like me! However, she is single and takes care of them all on her own. She has dealt with great frustration over the child support laws, so she decided to start selling some of her knitting and other sewing projects. She makes these adorable little hats for babies that look like tomatoes. She also makes these scarves that look like snakes. Well, I really wanted one and when she asked me what age the child was so she could make the right length I cracked up! I didn't realize they were for toddlers. I wanted one for ME! LOL! She graciously offered to make me an extra long red snake to keep me warm. Isn't he cute? He wraps around my neck tightly and keeps me so warm. I just draped him loosely for the picture so you could see his head and tail. (Don't look at my after Christmas mess in the background!) Stop by her blog and see some of her knitting. Her blog is so fun to read. I love the grammar difference and her lingo. She thinks some of my lingo is funny too. If you don't have an Aussie blog friend, you must get one! LOL!
She also surprised me with some great chocolate. Ok, I LOVE chocolate and it is part of my daily diet. But I also am terrified of rodents. So, how funny that the wrappers had a few rodent looking creatures on it. Hmmm......kind of unappealing to me for such a yummy treat. But do you think that stopped me from eating it? NO WAY! This chocolate was so creamy.One thing I REALLY love about this chocolate from Australia is the label. There are NO calories listed. They have it listed as ENERGY. Wow, I need a lot of energy, so does that mean I can eat them all? LOL! I know that calories and energy are the same thing but seeing energy on the label just makes it seem less bad for me.
Speaking of calories and energy...............If I am around here blogging less it is because I am here.....
At the gym. My friend Jeanne and I got a short free membership and have been going on a regular basis. We go about 3 miles on the tread mill and then hit the other machines for weight training. Then we go sit in the hot sauna for a while. Don't we look exhausted?

Being on a gluten free diet has actually been hard for me. In the beginning I lost some weight but now I am at my highest weight ever. All the gluten free breads and products are made from rice or potatoes and you know how fattening that stuff can be. I also do eat to much chocolate because that is gluten free too. I am very unhappy with how I look and that is the main reason why you do not see many pictures of myself here on the blog. But that will change soon! I am hooked on the gym and I EXPECT results! Have a great week, ya'll.


Carla said...

What fun!! Choc (and a super cool snake scarf) and a gym with a friend!!!

Sweet Nothings said...

What a neat gift! And chocolate is of course always a great thing! Good luck on the gym! Its always good to have a friend with you!

Frogdancer said...

Draping the scarf loosely like that makes it look like high fashion.

(Well, almost!) Glad you like him, and that the chocolate didn't scare you too much!

Oh my God!!! I just got a chill. I wrote the above, then I scrolled down to find that the word verification thing is 'mates'. How Australian/accurate/"Twilight Zone' is that????

Lori said...

Working out at the gym is one of my new years goals too.
I plan to go their tomorrow.

Good luck with your exercising.

Celestial Freak said...

I just bought some tapioca flour to try and use in some dishes, and while I was in the gluten free section I was noticing just how much stuff had rice or potato in it. I can see how it'd be hard to adjust! I hope you find the right balance of what to enjoy and what to just cut out.

The gym looks wonderful, I hope it continues to be a benefit to you. Not that I think you need it, but I know it feels good.

Funny thing about "energy" on the label instead of calories. I know that's true for stuff I've gotten from Europe too. I remember when I was young excitingly telling my mom "This is great, it's chocolate that gives energy!" She chewed me out for not knowing better, but I was a kid, so I was kind of hurt by that... But yeah, I know about the whole energy=calories thing. Would be nice if it was so simple though, huh!?

Kathi said...

What a darling idea. I wish your friend well and lots of success with her scarves and hats. I love the snake. I'm going to pop over and see her little tomatoe hats too. That is funny about the chocolate and energy. Happy New Year, Sondra. Hugs, Kathi