Monday, December 8, 2008


Wes was helping to close up the pool at his grandparent's house and HE DROPPED MY NEW PHONE IN THE DEEP END!!! The phone is shot and verizon said I have to pay retail price for a new one. The cheapest they had was $300. There is NO WAY I am paying that. What a way to start the week :(


Celestial Freak said...

Try the website for referbs.

Also try e-bay and craigs list as some people use those like a pawn shop sometimes. Heck, check pawn shops.

There are ways to get a new phone that don't break the bank. I think boys just aren't so great at protecting little expensive things.

Kevin is still using his broken phone until I'm eligable to get a new phone and give him mine.

He's dropped phones from up high down on cement. He's driven over. And he's full on lost the phone altogether. I still love my hubby, just as much as I'm sure you still love your son.

But totally, don't pay for his mistake, make him take the time to shop for your new phone and get it, that's what I'd do anyway, but I'm a mean mom to no one.

Bummer times, but ya just gotta get creative.

Ben, Jenny & Jayden Bryant said...

Yeah try ebay & craigslist, BUT make sure it is a Verizon phone or it won't work!

Lori said...

Yeah don't feel bad. I put my cell phone through the washing machine. I kicked myself over and over.
We went and had our last years cell phone hooked back up for the time being.

Good luck. Hope you find a deal on a new phone.

Kimmie said...

So Sorry Sondra... praying, hoping and believing for a new phone for you.

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