Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday Stuff

Today we have been up to some fun stuff. Well, first thing this morning Austin and I did some heavy duty cleaning of our laundry room. I am going to get Billy and Wes to paint it next week. I can't wait to show you the cool color I picked. Then we took off to the mall so Billy and Wes could get fitted for their tuxedos for Bridgette's (my niece) wedding. Their friend Que came along with us. Aaron is at a friends today so he did not go. On the way they were all hollering that they were hungry. I stopped at Checkers and you can see how happy Billy was to get the food.

At the mall there were so many people getting fitted for tuxedos due to prom season so you can see the boys were spending the waiting time smoking! UGGH! I feel like banging their heads into the wall on this issue! Austin is back there in the newpaper hoodie but he is NOT smoking! :)

There was the cutest little guy getting his tux for a wedding. His dad told me I could take his picture. He tilted his head and said cheese for me. He is much smaller than he looks in the picture. He was strutting that suit like he was all that.
I couldn't get any pictures of the boys. It was too crowded. Here is Wes trying on his pants. And then Billy tying on his. Yep, pants way to short and those size 13 shoes way to small. He is a big guy!

Check out this crazy orange dress I saw. All the boys said they would not like to see that on any of their girls. It was kinda tacky.

When we left the mall we headed over to Steve and Barrys. I was looking for some white pants for my new job and Billy and Que had never been there. I don't know if you all have this store in your town but it is awesome. Everything in the store is under $9.00. All my boys love the blue jeans and they have walls and walls of the funny worded tshirts. They even have shoes. They carry Sarah Jessica Parker line and Venus Williams line. I found three nice pair of pants. Here are some pictures of the store. People were looking at me kind of crazy when I was taking them. Que and Billy can't wait to go back and shop again.

Well, I am off to the next project!


Sharon said...

Wow....busy day for you, but it looks so fun! Don't you just cherish those times??? You are a dear to run them all around like that and to feed them! That orange dress is very.......interesting!

Hugs, Sharon

jennifer said...

Fun day!!The little dude in the tux was so cute!!


Julieann said...

I have never heard of steve and Barry's---oh I could have fun in there...LOL. As for smoking, it is a hard habit to quit---the reason I quit is because I wanted babies--other then that I so enjoyed it---trust me if smoking wasn't bad for you--I would be doing it--isn't that just terrible for me to say...anyway, what a great day you all had:)


Anonymous said...

That little boy is so sweet. I'm not so sure about the orange frock. Yikes! Though I could imagine a flamboyant redhead wearing it and carrying it off, or perhaps a girl with dark olive skin.

I have enjoyed your posts about 'your' children.


Feathering My Nest said...

Wow, you are such a good mom. You are running those dear boys around and helping them choose just the right stuff. I agree with you, that orange thank you.