Thursday, May 1, 2008

More that I will miss

The time is getting near that I will leave my precious children behind. At the last daycare I worked at I became very attached to a little girl in my class. Fortunately her mother and I became friends and I still have contact with her. So, when I came to work at this daycare over a year ago,I promised myself that I would not get attached. But....well...that did not happen. I have 5 foster children in my class and although they are not well behaved I have to remind my self that they are coming out of very difficult situations and are now put in the home of a stranger. One boy in particular that I have fallen in love with. When he smiles at me my heart just melts. When he is bad it is hard for me to scold him. When he is asleep on his cot, I look at him and just wonder what life was like for him in his abusive home. It breaks my heart. Each day when I leave he cries and cries. I just want to stay and hold him. I will miss him dearly.


Feathering My Nest said...

Sondra, This post breaks my heart. What a sweet little boy. I want to hug him. Oh I would be just like you. It would be so difficult to scold, but so easy to hug. I can see why you will miss these darling children. Hugs and tears, Kathi

Sharon said...

What a little sweetie. It is so hard to believe that anyone would want to hurt him. I am so glad that you were there to light up his life even though it was not that long. You probably impacted his life in a very good way Sondra. I hope that you can stay in touch with him and continue to be his light. Of course, there is always prayer and you can pray over him forever.

You are such a good person Sondra!

Hugs, Sharon