Thursday, May 8, 2008

Just Plain Funny- or Just Plain Stupid

Ok, so Wes has a friend that lives in Florida. The other night they were talking on the computer and using the web cam. They found this program where you can distort your image in numerous ways. At first I thought it was kind of crazy, but the longer they did it and they started putting these crazy voices with the pictures- Oh my- I just cracked up. I was sitting in the floor, tears of laughter on my face and nearly peed my pants. It was late and I was tired but I just could not stop laughing. Of course in the end I had to join in and capture one of me!
This is Shawn in the big picture and Aaron in the little. They called this one 'The Club Owner'. They were making comments like a bouncer would.

This is what Wes calls 'Big Body'. That is his tiny head.

And this is Wes kissing himself.

OK so anyone have a caption for this one!!!


Sharon said...

You look a little like an old sour pus librarian! That is so funny! What is the website called??? My boys would love it!

:0) Sharon

jennifer said...

You would make a fabulous Alien. Or amybe you already are and alien........ I wouldn't show that photo to anyone, it will totally blow your cover!


jennifer said...

amybe is alien speak for maybe. I've gone and blown MY cover.

Nanoo Nanoo!