Monday, May 12, 2008


Ok, so I started my new job today! Yeah! I will be blogging about it later this week. So far it is wonderful. However, I have a new problem and that would be clothes. For the last two years I have worn scrubs. Very comfy, good clothes to hide those extra pounds but...
Well, lets just say I was very happy to throw each of those yucky colors away!

Then for 7 years prior to the scrubs I was dressing like this for work. Don't you love those international flag chef pants?

So, for nearly 10 years I have been in uniforms. Ok, now I have to wear REAL clothes. Look in my closet...hmm... not much there. Some church clothes- too dressy. Hmm, maybe two good outfits that actually fit! Looks like I will have to buy some clothes. But look!! I do not have to buy shoes. Yep, I have a shoe problem. Here are about 1/3 of my shoe collection.

What a shame. All those shoes and no clothes to go with them. I really do have to get some decent clothes for this new job :(


Sharon said...

Oh my gosh....I'm drooling! You have awesome shoes! They are all so cute! You are so funny....all those shoes, but no outfits to go with them! I would say this will be a fun assignment for you! I shop a lot at Penny's, but I also buy a lot of my work clothes at Goodwill! You can find amazing brand names there for so cheap! Last week I found two pair of Ann Taylor lined slacks for $4.00 each!

Can't wait to hear more abuot the job!

Hugs, Sharon

P.S. You look cute in your pictures!

Feathering My Nest said...

Sondra, Your shoes are amazing. You have such style. I love all of them. They are so cute. I agree with Sharon. I have found wonderful name brands at GW, and other thrift stores. I still buy new things on sale. I found lots of Liz Claiborn stuff and Ann Tayor at Goodwill. I have even found excellent purses there.

I hope you give us a fashion show soon of all your outfits to match those cool shoes. God bless you Sondra as you shop.


Kimmie said...


Oh shoes, be still my heart. If you want to swing by CT, I'll be happy to go Goodwill/thrift store shopping with you. I bet we could get some cute outfits to go with those dandy shoes!

fun, fun, fun!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Julieann said...

Get some nice balck slacks or a skirt and a white blouse--that is such a sharp look:)


Julieann said...

P.S. I ment black--and I wanted to add--your shoes are darling!


jennifer said...

Lovin' the shoes. And what a shame, you have to go SHOPPING!! HAH!

Can't wait to hear about the job.

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