Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We had a wonderful memorial day. Not forgetting that this holiday is to remember our men of service. Without these men who have fought for our country and those men and women who still do we would not have the freedoms we have today. My husbands father was serving in the Marines during the Vietnam war. He was seriously injured serving this country. Upon his return home he raised his two boys single handedly and did a wonderful job at it. He passed away several years ago and it is a great loss to us.
Here is a scrapbook page I did with his newspaper article and pictures of all the medals he received.Also some framed items that hang in our den.

Our celebration started out with a trip to Blockbuster. Aaron, Billy, Wes and their friend Kevin signed up to be in a Guitar Hero competition. Billy came in 8th, Wes in 5th and Kevin won the entire thing. The man in charge of it was surprised because he knew he had some real good players in it and didn't expect our bunch to be so good.Billy was so focused on his playing that he looked like he was in pain.

Then we came back for a cookout! Mom, dad, my sister Sara, Bridgette, Jeremy, Que, Melissa and Tyler all came over too. There is always a fight over the deviled eggs and you can see Sandy wants to lick them all so he can have them all!

We played croquet and even played in the dark. Dad always wins but not this time. There is a first time for everything! Austin is the new champion!

We had ice cream and smores over the fire later that night. Oops, it got a little smoky in that one of Bridgette! Look at the sweet soon to be married couple on the swing :)

And here is mom and dad on the swing.
I hope you all had a wonderful celebration too!


jennifer said...

Gosh! That looks like a wonderful weekend. I didn't remember to take my camera to my moms. DOH!

Be blessed.


Feathering My Nest said...

What a wonderful man. I'm thankful for his service for our freedoms. I like the display of his badges and honors.

Wow, what fun Sondra. Your boys must have had such fun playing and actually winning places. Congrats. to Kevin taking first.

Your evening of crochet looks so fun. I'm glad you all had a nice day together.


~Robin said...

Looks like you had an awesomely patriotic family day-good stuff!

Julieann said...

What a wonderful FIL you had--a wonderful tribute you did for him:)


Sharon said...

What a fun day! It is so all American.....I love it!!! You should be so proud of your Father in law. I am thankful for all of his sacrifice for our country. I cannot believe how much your DH looks like him! It's amazing! Good job on your boys doing so well with Guitar Hero! I told my sons!

Hugs, Sharon

Celestial Freak said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful time.

How neat to be so close that so many of you can get together like that for the day and evening!

I do have some family in the area, one cousin, and then my dad's cousin, but everyone always seems to have their own plans.

I love the honor pages, with the medals all along the bottom. Did you buy the images, or did you photo them yourself, they look great.