Saturday, May 10, 2008


Today we had Bridgette's bridal shower. We had so much fun!
She got so many nice gifts. Most of the items were for the kitchen but Jeremy will be using all of those. Bridgette does not cook! Well, yet anyway.

One of the things I got for her was a quesadilla maker. That one I know she will be able to use without his help.
Her mom got her a flip flop door mat. She loved that.
Here she is threatening to 'tong' me because I took her pins away on a game we were playing. We were not allowed to say Jeremy and she said it twice in a row. I won that game.
We played another game where everyone had a name of a famous bride on their back. You could only ask yes and no questions to guess who you were. I guessed all three of mine. I won that one too! Here is one that my sister had on her back.
We also played a game where we had to see who knew the most about Bridgette. I won that one too! My sister was really not allowed to play because she is the mom but she only had one more right than me.
OK- so I won ALL 4 of the games! I am so competitive. Here are my prizes. They were two very nice candles.
Here is Bridgette and the girl that Wesley will be walking down the aisle.
Here is Bridgette with her grandma. Not my mom- my parents are holding a tent meeting in Texas right now and could not be here.
Here is Bridgette with Wes.
MOM- I know you are anxiously awaiting this post. I will email you all of the pictures from the shower.Digital Cameras Fun
Sketch your photos at

Juliean at did a cool sketch on her blog so I thought I would try one. Neat huh?


jennifer said...

The shower looked so NICE! Looks like she got a lot of nice things.

Speaking of showers, I wanted to invite you to stop by my site for a Baby Shower for Jana.

Be blessed.


Anonymous said...

It looks like a lovely baby shower.

What is a quesilada maker?


Sharon said...

What a fun shower! We will be doing that this summer with my Mackenzie and his fiancee Brittany!!!

Happy mother's day Sondra!!!

Hugs, Sharon

Julieann said...

The shower looked wonderful!!

Happy Mother's Day, dear friend!

Julieann xo

Feathering My Nest said...

Oh it looks like she got some great things, and yes she will learn to cook, and probably be very good at it. I hope you are having a wonderful Mother's Day, Sondra.