Monday, May 5, 2008

Blah, Blah, Blah

Hello all my wonderful blogger friends. As you can see I have changed my side bar and have you all listed by name. I had so many blogs listed that I like to read but have just lost daily contact with many of them. I will still be stopping by to read them now and again. Some blogs I love and comment all the time but never get any sort of response back. Maybe my blog is just too boring for some people! Anyway, I do love all of the comments that you- my small circle of loyal readers leave. At least somebody loves me. :) LOL! I have also met some wonderful people on my celiac blog so it does get overwhelming trying to keep up with everyone. Count yourself lucky if you are listed! JUST KIDDING!
Now, I just wanted to show off my hostas. I have so many people that just go crazy over them when they see them. They just started sprouting up about 2 weeks ago and look how big they are already! I divide them and move them all the time but they just won't stop growing. Somehow a variegated one appeared in the mix.

Here are Wes and Aaron getting ready to go shoot some hoops. Don't you love the 70s style head and arm bands!
Oh, and here is my diet for tomorrow. These are the only things I can eat all day. Welcome to the wonderful world of celiac! Time for an endoscopy and a colonoscopy. Yeah, I am so excited :( Ugh, I am more worried about starving to death for a day and a half than I am about the procedure.
Hope you all have a relaxing evening.


jennifer said...

You poor girl! I'm sorry - I giggled when you said you were more worried about starving than the test. You are a hoot!

I don't know why some folks don't comment. I visit around too and it happens to me as well. You are not boring and I think it happens to all of us.

Your boys..... what is something they said in the 70's? It was Groovy in the 60's, Totally! in the 80's. 90's would be You rock! Hmmm - 70's are as boring as the brown plaid sofas everyone had. I got nuthin'. I'll use a Millenium phrase - They are Stylin'!

And the Hosta. OOOOHHHH I got some Hosta Envy going on over here. I've got skads and skads of Monkey Grass, but NO hosta.

Have a great week - after the bummer camera and all. Sorry about that part of your week.


Sharon said...

Your plants are soooo pretty! YOu really have a green thumb.....I don't! I'm so touched that I made your sidebar!!! LOL! I know what you mean about people not writing back, blogging is a two way street! I feel sorry for you about your diet, but that's just for one day, and jello is yummy!

Your boys are so cute, looks like they are gonna have some fun!

Hugs, Sharon

Feathering My Nest said...

Whew!! I made your side bar....I cannot lie, I did have to stop and check LOL! Oh you poor sweetie. I'm sorry you have to go through so much!! At least the gingerale and jello taste good. I love those green plants. I have one small bush. I should do what you do and separate them and see what happens. Happy Tuesday!! Kathi

Frogdancer said...

Just keep in mind when you're having the tests that life is meant to be full of new and different experiences, otherwise it gets boring. (Well, I didn't say the experiences all had to be fun and pleasant....!)

Julieann said...

YAY!!!! Dancing around--I am on your sidebar:)

(((You are in my prayers dear friend)))

P.S. I love chicken broth:)


Celestial Freak said...

Getting comments is a funny thing. Some people (like you) amaze me with how faithful they are to leave comments, and others I wonder if they ever log in. I figure I'll just take what I get and not worry about the rest.

For me personally responding on your blog. Sometimes I'll post if I have something to mention. I read everything as I have your site in my feed-reader, but sometimes too time limits just how much I focus on posts. I hate that sometimes, I'm learning who's sites I really want to follow and so on. Blogging is an interesting thing, and your blog is NOT boring.