Saturday, October 20, 2007

Wes and his many jobs

Wesley recently started a new job. He is a cook at a small hometown restaurant. He used to be a saute chef at the Olive Garden, so this was an easy transition for him. I taught Wes how to cook when he was very small. And seeing as I cook for a living, I am very proud that he is "following in my footsteps". Then he also landed a job doing heating and air work. The hours that he cooks works well with the hours at the other job. So, he has two jobs. He went from on extreme to the next! I am very thankful and think that this is good for him right now. This will keep him very busy and out of any trouble :)
I was told by someone who knows a very good female friend of his, that he had a 4 hour conversation with her and that he was saying that he really wanted to turn his life around and get on the right track. Wow! What a blessing in the midst of it all!


Sharon said...

Hi Sondra!

How exciting that Wes is talking like that! God is answering prayer and it is wonderful! I am so thankful and I will continue to pray for him. It is amazing that we have never met face to face and I just have Wesley on my heart! I do pray for him often and I pray for you too!

His new job sounds great. You might go visit Brenda at Country Romance ( and read about her son. He is a professional chef and is in the service right now. He wants to open a restaurant some day.

Have a great day! Sharon

Crystal said...

That is so cool!

Hey, btw, I'm working on a cookbook to raise funds for our adoption costs. Would you be willing to e-mail me some recipes of yours to add to it? It's one of those community style cookbooks with everyones favorites in it.

If you can send me something please e-mail