Friday, October 12, 2007


Sara is trying to blow out the candles on my hat!
Sara got me an adorable sparkly purse!

My mom, sister and I all have our birthdays around the same time. Mine is the 8th, Sara's is the 2nd and mom's is the 10th. So we had a big party. Look at all those pizzas! That is the benefit of Sara being a manager at dominos. We all just loved mom's reaction to the little pink shoes that Bridgette (my niece) bought her to go with her 'build a bear' bear. Bridgette bought her the bear last Christmas. Mom had never heard of build a bear. She was so excited to find out that the bear would talk and say "I love you Granny" in Bridgette's voice. She was even more excited to find out she could dress the bear in different outfits. So, when she got the pink shoes, she just went crazy! She said she needs a closet now for the bear!

We had a great time together and missed having Billy there. He had to work.


Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Sondra! It looks like you had a really fun party! Our family is similar with birthdays being so close together.

I've been thinking about you and your son. I hope and pray things are better!

Have a wonderful day! Sharon

Crystal said...

That is so fun! My sister and our paternal grandmother have birthday's a day apart, and my maternal grandmother and I have our birthdays a few days apart. It was always fun growing up celebrating birthdays with grandmas!

Oh, and my paternal grandpa was a few days from my hubby so they would celebrate together too.

It just makes that special day more special when you have someone to celebrate with, huh!? I've been kind of bummed in recent years because my grandmother moved back to Europe so we aren't celebrating together every year anymore. We actually celebrated 3 months early this year because it was the closest we could get to the right date! Sad, but it worked for us.

Hope you had a wonderful birthday, the pictures sure look like you did!