Saturday, October 27, 2007

Shoes, shoes and more shoes

My husband, Sandy and I were headed out to grocery shop and we noticed that a small local shoe store was going out of business. We had already passed it and the road was so busy that we just decided to park and walk there. All the shoes were 1/2 price and some were even lower. I got two pair of nice heels for $4.00 each. We both got tennis shoes for under $10. I got Austin a pair and Wes two pairs that I will put up for Christmas. I didn't get Aaron or Billy any because they are name brand only shoe people :)
All in all we got 10 pair of shoes for under $80.00 ! What a great deal! Aaron spent more than that on his one pair for back to school.
I just love a bargain!


Sharon said...

Sweet! I love a good deal. Ten pairs for $80.00 is fabulous!Good for you!

Hugs, Sharon

Anita said...

I didn't have much time for visiting the show & tell participants on Friday so I'm doing so this afternoon:-)

Yes, if I were you, I would not sell it on ebay, too! Oh, I adore your cat on the piture, very cute!

Oh my, was it difficult to carry 10 pairs of shoes back home? Congratulation on your bargain!

Have a great Sunday - although it's almost over!

Best wishes from Germany,