Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Precious Wesley

Here is a picture of Wes from his prom last year. Take a look at his recent picture when he came home to do his laundry! What a huge difference the hair makes! LOL!
As I have not yet introduced everyone to each of my boys, I will start with Wes. I first want to thank all of you for your prayers and words of support as we have been dealing with a personal issue with Wes.
Wes came into the world on August 1st, 1988-weighing in at 8lbs 1 oz. His birth was so easy for me. He slept thru the entire night on his first night home. He was the perfect child. As he grew up, he was such a kind, compassionate and giving child. He cared so much about others. I remember his third birthday when his grandmother gave him a really big truck. She also gave Billy a small truck so as not to leave him out. Well, Billy really wanted the big one and Wes gave it to him and told him he would take the small one. He was so helpful and would do anything that I asked of him. He was always teachers favorite,too. He always did well in school. I was so proud of him the day he graduated! My love for this boy just overflows. He is so precious to me. He is no longer living at home and he is struggling in his teenage years. As one blogger friend reminded me of what the Bible says- Train up a child in the way he should go and when he grows old he will not depart from it! I too strayed as a teenager, but I did find my way back to God. I do know that I taught my boys right and raised them the best that I could. I know that God is an important part in Wesley's heart and that is what keeps me strong in dealing with these difficult times! One day soon ,when all of this is behind us I will share with all of you this struggle. For now, I feel that I am not strong enough to do so. I have not had enough time to handle it for myself yet. Thank you all for understanding.
God Bless


Sharon said...

Hi Sondra,

Thanks for the update on your son. I will keep praying. He looks pretty cute in this picture and looks like he is having fun!

I am glad that you are pressing on. Just keep praying and trusting God.

Blessings to you! Sharon

MightyMom said...

catching up with you here, it's been awhile...where'd your other blog go?

is this you with your son Billy a post down?

Saved By Grace said...

I am pleased to hear the Faith in your voice!! God is amazing and your son will make it through these struggles. We are waiting on one of ours to cvome back, but the other one made it back and she is serving God again and happily married!! Hugs and prayers. Still praying for him and your family!!