Thursday, April 17, 2008


Hi all!!! I have been up to SO MUCH here. The past few days have been a whirl wind. I got the phone call from the school and they do want to hire me. YEAH! - but funny thing is the day before that I had another job offer. An office job! We know the couple who owns this company and they are truly wonderful people. I will give more details later but she is offering to let me leave and pick the kids up from school and knows that I will need to leave for drs appts and stuff. Both jobs are an excellent opportunity and I will have to decide this weekend. When God closes one door he opens another- well he opened TWO for me and I am not good with decision making. Also, Billy and Wesley are going to be moving back home for awhile. They are having difficulty paying the bills and need some time to find jobs and save up a little better. This is going to be a big change for all of us and it will be difficult but it is what must be done right now.
So, for fun and enjoyment and to relieve some stress we have been playing tennis. Aaron, Austin and I have been playing with two of my friends that I met at my last job. They are trying to lose weight by eating better and exercising so we all thought tennis would be great. We are not that good and as you can see by some of the pictures we are even playing the ball from the other court! But we have had a blast! So much more has been going on here but I will elaborate later. I will be by to check on you all tomorrow!


Sharon said...

Hey! Awesome! Congratulations! Now it is decision time! Just keep praying that God will speak to your heart and you will know what job to chose! How exciting! I am so happy for you! If it were me, I would be really interested in the job with flexability!

The tennis game looks like such fun! What a great way to exercise! That is really hard work. I tried it a few times and it made me so tired!

Have a great evening!

Hugs, Sharon

Feathering My Nest said...

Congrats to you Sondra. That is wonderful. You are such a good mother. That tennis game looks so fun. Have great weekend,


jennifer said...

*singing like Billy Squire*

"EVERYBODY wants you!"

Congratulations on TWO job offers. I hate to make decisions too and this would be a hard one for me as well. PRAY PRAY PRAY! God will show you HIS will for your working life.

I hope all goes well with your boys being home. I saw all of that laundry - YIKES! I think they need to help you do all of it and kick in some moolah for the detergent too. Easy fof me to say. My kids don't help with laundry so I guess I need to concentrate on the home front!

I hope that your week is wonderful.